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A newly launched email service Hey Email has locked horns with Apple over its app store guidelines.

Facebook has removed nearly 900 accounts connected to far-right group like Proud Boys and American Guard.

Ecommerce platform Etsy is helping customers visualise wall art with AR via its app on iOS.

Microsoft says it’s next Windows 10 update will be have set of features, including a new Edge browser based on Chromium.

Google is making its Meet feature easy to use for smartphone users.

Join Google Meet call via Gmail phone app

Google announced on Wednesday it is making its Meet access easier for smartphone users.

With this update, Android and iOS device users can join video meetings from their Gmail inbox.

“We’re bringing Meet to Gmail on Android and iOS, so that you can easily join video meetings from your inbox,” Erika Yamasaki, Product Manager at Google, said in a blog post.

This means that by simply clicking a meeting link in your Gmail, you can join a video call.

In the next few weeks, Google will update its mail service’s layout to allow the Gmail app users to view upcoming meetings scheduled in their calendar. This will allow users to join videocalls with a single tap.

The new layout will have a ‘Meet’ tab to set up new meeting, get links to share, or schedule a video call in Calendar. If a user shares a meeting link that requires a passcode to join, the recipient just has to tap on ‘join with a code’ option and key in the code.

If any user chooses to not use the Meet tab in the new layout, they can simply go to settings and uncheck Meet.

Last month, Google enabled the Meet feature for Gmail web users after making the service free for all of its customers.

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 to have new Edge browser

Microsoft on Tuesday said it’s next Windows 10 update will be have set of features, including a new Edge browser based on Chromium.

Apart of from the browser upgrade, the software maker will also release its 20H2 Build 19042.330. This build will enable the new browser to be built into Windows itself.

The build will fix issues related to some voice commands in Windows Mixed Reality, improve reliability of the keywords used in voice assistants and enhances security in Xbox and Microsoft Store.

The company is releasing the build’s test version via “seeker” experience in Windows Update.

Microsoft also said that it will add more new features and improvements as part of this update. And that will be automatically updated on PCs that are set up to receive 20H2 updates.

“Insiders who choose to download and install 20H2 on their PC will get new 20H2 features as they are delivered. Insiders in the Beta Channel who don’t choose to download and install 20H2 won’t see new features,” Brandon LeBlanc, Sr. Program Manager at Windows Insider Program, said in a blog post.

Etsy users AR to make customers see what they are buying

A marketplace for art work and other unique collectibles is using augmented reality (AR) to show its customers products they plan to buy.

Ecommerce platform Etsy is helping customers to visualise wall art with AR via its app on iOS.

Potential buyers with an apple device, iPad or iPhone, can select an item and check if it fits their wall décor through AR technology.

The tech embedded in the app helps customers make a final call on making the purchase or not.

“With the power of augmented reality, iOS app users can bring any piece of wall art on Etsy to life and visualize its size, look and vibe in their homes or workspaces,” Kruti Goyal, Chief Product Officer at Etsy, said in a blog post.

The app feature is in testing phase, and the beta launch starts with prints, photography and portraits. The ecommerce platform is planning to use the feedback from this feature on expanding it into other sections.

The interface works simply by identifying a product in the app. Once the customer chooses the item, they have to tap its AR image.

After hovering the iPhone or iPad camera around the space for the AR to work, the customer has to point at a desired spot. This will fix the art work on the wall as an AR image.

Now, customers can move around to check how the collectible looks from different vantage points.

Hey Email locks horn with Apple

A newly launched email service Hey Email has locked horns with Apple over its app store guidelines.

Founded by Basecamp founders, the paid email service, which debuted on Monday, is an attempt to paradigmatically change electronic mail as we know it.

Hey provides its users a way to remove tracking pixels, apply stronger spam filters and no signature options. The service is priced at $99/year.

Less than a day after its launch, the company’s app on Apple’s app store has been pulled up for not following the platform’s guidelines.


Hundreds of right-wing accounts removed from Facebook

The social networking company has removed nearly 900 accounts connected to Proud Boys and American Guard, Reuters reported.

Accounts connected to supporters of the group that marched into a protest zone in Seattle and confronted anti-racist demonstrators have also been removed.

Of those accounts taken down, over 300 are from Instagram and about 500 from Facebook. These removals come after a round of suspensions carried out by the social network two weeks earlier.

“We initially removed a set of accounts for both organizations on May 30 when we saw that both organizations started posting content tied to the ongoing protests,” a Facebook spokeswoman who asked not to be identified told Reuters.

“We were continuing the work to map out the full network.”

The earlier suspension was aimed at reducing the spread of hate messages as several group members posted pictures with weapons, urging others to join the protests that followed George Floyd’s killing in police custody.

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