Scientists build fastest laser-powered random number generator

Scientists build fastest laser-powered random number generator.   | Photo Credit: Reuters

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An international team of scientists have designed a single chip-scale laser that can generate random numbers at ultrahigh rates, more than a hundred times faster than the current fastest random-numbers generator system.

The process of random number generation is important in computing since it forms the base of cryptography. Random numbers are widely used for information security, cryptography, and quantum stimulations.

The more random the key of any security system is, the harder it is to break the code logically.

It is for this reason, that random number generators are used to encrypt data.

The system termed as “massively parallel ultrafast random bit generation” could be used to increase the ability to generate streams of random numbers or bits, that in turn can generate cryptography keys that secure critical data.

“As networks expand in an ever-connected way, the challenge is to increase the generation rate of the random numbers to keep pace with demand,” an abstract from the research paper published in the journal Science noted.

The scientists achieved a total bit rate of 250 terabits per second. Researchers noted that the system supersedes older random number generators in both speed and scalability.

The system was developed by researchers from Yale University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Trinity College Dublin.

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