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Internet, meet Donté Colley

Just as I predicted, 2019’s Internet is a lot more positive

Dance the badness away

Unless you’ve already kicked off this year with a digital detox, you’re already familiar with Donté Colley’s incredible ‘happy dances’ which have been more viral than any Trump statement lately... well, according to my algorithms anyway.

This 21-year-old Toronto-based dude is the living version of every lovable TV character who just doesn’t get enough air time — even though he has close to half-a-million followers on Instagram. What’s gotten the world entranced with Donté’s moves is his carefree-yet-strategic choreography and ultimately sassy expression from the first step to last.

If you’re feeling down, bookmark Donté’s videos as a must-see in the morning as pure motivation. He congratulates you that you’ve woken up, he struts because you’re amazing and he leaps because you matter. Give it a couple more days, I guarantee he’ll be on Ellen.

He tweeted on January 25, “Making someone feel a little better and refuel them with a little more self-love is so much more valuable and so much more rewarding than a dollar sign.” Too true, Donté. Now, please can I be in your next video?

Life is plastic; not fantastic

Internet, meet Donté Colley

While Tamil Nadu is adjusting to the plastic ban, other parts of the country have taken to social media to bereave the lack of progress in their own localities.

Posted to Reddit by user PM_WhatMadeYouHappy: “Mildly infuriating: The amount of plastic bags that came along with Tupperware.” While embracing the reusable traits of plastic dabbas like every Indian household, the user posted a picture of the number of plastic bags the Tupperware came with. *Enter facepalm*

Responses are worth the read. User Troll-in-Chief replied, “Namaste, Tupperware ke dealer Ji” while user Zozazen quipped, “Absolutely ridiculous to put plastic products in a plastic bag, only to prove it’s new. Please stop buying plastic products; it’s bad for your health and the environment. This plastic will never get recycled and is not biodegradable.”

But it was user Throwawayx134 who asked the real question, “Tupperware is a bit expensive for me. How much did you even spend in all this?”

Rants and ramblings across cyberspace

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