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How netizens reacted to Apple’s recent keynote

Only Apple — for some bizarre reason — can get away with such exorbitance.

Pass the cheese grater for this Apple

Watching the Apple Keynote last week wasn’t only to be among the first to know about the new releases to be anticipated. I had a feeling that there would be so many memes coming from this, that the Internet would possibly crash from it. Cheezburger, 9GAG, Reddit and 4chan all had their own aggregation of memes around the prices.

And the Internet almost did crash when Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, announced the $6000 Mac Pro with its chrome cheese grater… but it was the $999 Mac Pro stand that had the Internet lost in a tsunami of tears, both laugh and sad varieties. At the event itself, the journalists, bloggers, engineers alike all clapped, but their live Twitter feeds reflected something else entirely: ‘Tim Cook, are you serious?’

How netizens reacted to Apple’s recent keynote

YouTuber (and co-creator of Crash Course, SciShow, Vlogbrothers and the mighty fanfest VidCon) Hank Green tweeted “I thought it was a comedy…” and followed in the same thread with, “If you’re considering spending $1000 on a monitor stand, I would like to talk with you about maternal health in Sierra Leone.”

So let’s do a run-down of some fun highlights. The announcement of the new macOS was inevitable; Catalina (I really would do anything to be in these macOS name brainstorming meetings) promises fun features like Sidecar, where you can set up their iPad as a secondary display.

And in the age of digital well-being, Screen Time monitors and gives you feedback around the amount of time you spend on an app… because it’s not enough to be obsessing over the Health app already.

Apple also announces stronger triangulation services with Find My (the new combo of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone) because I’d love to know when my friends steal my iPhone. Just kidding, it happened when I got mugged outside my apartment building in London by a total stranger.

How netizens reacted to Apple’s recent keynote

The most hilarious, though, had to be the ‘laying to rest’ of iTunes. I mean, whenever iTunes opens on my Mac, it’s usually by accident and I can’t delete the darned thing! Now Apple’s gotten the hint.

When Dark Mode was announced for iOS 13, I admit I squealed at an unreasonably high volume. With my Twitter app always on Night Mode, I found my iPhone boding well at the thought of the continuation.

Think... then tweet

Speaking of Twitter, over the past few days, it took the oh-so-necessary steps to make its rules easier for users to understand, reorganising them into safety, privacy and authenticity and tightening up the descriptions for each rule to match the social network’s 280-character limit. Short rules often have loopholes. So be prepared for a barrage of ‘okay’, ‘no, don’t do that’ and ‘are you as serious about this tweet as Tim Cook is serious about the $999 Mac Pro?’

In a world of tech-fuelled outrage, Twitter’s vice president of Trust And Safety, Del Harvey, penned a short blog post, explaining, “We’ve gone from about 2,500 words to under 600. In 280 characters or less, each rule clearly describes exactly what is not allowed on Twitter.” Wait… does this mean my sarcasm won’t be tolerated? Does this mean Trump will stop saying ‘SAD’? In that not-so-sad way? Nope.

Platforms which could follow suit with this concise framework of rules include Facebook (big time), Instagram (their adopted child), WhatsApp (which might be impossible) and Snapchat.

Rants and ramblings across cyberspace

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