Why can’t we stop scrolling on Instagram?

Why do we keep scrolling down on Instagram? Rega Jha tries to answer this and other existential questions on Vitamin Stree’s new show, ‘Nerding Out’

Why do we keep scrolling down on Instagram? Rega Jha tries to answer this and other existential questions on Vitamin Stree’s new show, ‘Nerding Out’  


Rega Jha tackles cultural and existential questions on Vitamin Stree’s new YouTube show, ‘Nerding Out’

Why can’t we stop scrolling on Instagram? It is a question that our parents have been asking us. Now, with conversations about unplugging from social media and staying offline, the millennial and Gen Z folk are wondering the same. “You’re absolutely normal,” Rega Jha assures us on a new YouTube show, Nerding Out. The short-format show is produced by Vitamin Stree, a women-centric content platform.

Jha, former editor-in-chief at Buzzfeed India, has hosted and written the first episode on the attention economy. “The Internet has been an endless source of learning for me and I am so thankful to creators who make complex ideas accessible for the rest of us. This was my attempt at doing the same, breaking down something I think about a lot, which should be of urgent importance to all young people,” she says. The second episode is set to release on October 2.

The idea behind the show is simple, says Padmini Vaidyanathan, editor and creative head of Vitamin Stree. “We wanted to talk about experiences and behaviours that are an integral part of life, but are also changing the way we are. Some of it is existential — like how can I not be addicted to social media, when everything is happening there. Others are more cultural, like the beliefs we have grown up with which are not necessarily true,” she says. Apart from Jha, who will host a few more episodes on non-sexual consent, modern love and romance, other influencers will come on board shortly.

At a time when there is a shift towards authenticity and engagement over just numbers on social media, how did they pick the influencers? “The answer is in your question,” says Vaidyanathan, adding, “We approached those who are authentic and genuinely believe and know what they are talking about. For instance, Rega has consistently been vocal about being on social media and how addictive it can be.”

Each video is eight to 10 minutes long. “We wanted to deep dive into each topic and break it down for our viewers in detail,” says Vaidyanathan. As the video continues to garner views (54,361 at the time of writing), they are planning offline events, with one slated for the end of this year or early next year. “Vitamin Stree exists because of a very strong, involved and loyal community and we want to engage with them as much as possible,” she concludes.

Watch Nerding Out w/ Rega Jha on the Vitamin Stree YouTube channel

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