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ALL FOR SPORTS The site encourages cricket lovers to interact

ALL FOR SPORTS The site encourages cricket lovers to interact  

Cricket Huddle offers a one-stop shop for cricket fanatics whether they love playing the game or engaging in discussions

Cricket, as we all know, is nothing short of a religion in this country. Whether on the playground near your home or watching the team play in an international stadium, nothing brings people together better than their love for playing or watching their favourite players in action – a passion which resonates in social media, whether in the form of praise, criticism or arguments with fellow fanatics. For this reason, Cricket Huddle, a website which promises users a uniquely designed space for cricketing experiences, memories and discussions, is something we – both cricket fans and those whose news feeds are crowded with related match updates and trivia – have been waiting for.

The website began as a platform for aspiring players to showcase their skills and network with coaches and managers, as a way to get around the flawed selection process through which players are chosen. “Selection happens through one practise game,” informs co-founder Ved who has played for the State of Maharashtra. “If you perform well in that particular game, you are chosen, as I was. But a friend of mine who was just as good was not picked.” In order to solve that problem, Ved and a few friends developed a site where players could upload information about their experience and performance, doing specifically for cricket what LinkedIn does for any profession.

It was only recently that the creators of the site decided to open it out to users who are not players but simply share a love for the game. “We want this platform to be available to anyone who has anything to do with cricket – whether you are a player, a blogger, a coach, a manager – we want to promote them and help them reach out to their target audience,” informs Ved.

The site opens out to the ‘crickfeed’ which resembles your Facebook news feed and contains links posted by the cricketing blogs or people you choose to follow. Profiles are designed to allow members to update their ‘scoresheets’ from recent matches, along with supporting mediaevidence of the same. Uploading media coverage or reports of the match helps add credibility to the score card. Another feature is the ‘splash’ page which users can use in place of a personal cricketing website to showcase their ‘cricketing personalities’.

While these features are unique to Cricket Huddle, the internet is not short of niche discussion forums and match threads where people can talk about cricket, players and specific matches. So what makes discussions on Cricket Huddle special? The aim, according to Ved, is to filter out the noise and channel information to the right places. “On the site, the discussions will involve bloggers and writers sharing their opinions. The idea is that these are fans sharing things that are relevant. Fanatics don’t have to be conscious of sharing too much cricket related information on Facebook, they can share it here with folks who are actually interested,” he says. Posts here are 'scored' as a 6, 4 or 1, depending on how much you like it.

As of now, the site receives most of their traffic from India and countries including Australia, West Indies and South Africa and a visitor on the site can see the cricketing camaraderie has evolved among its users.

“We want to bring together everything related to cricket,” explains Ved, “Through Cricket Huddle, users must be able to create content, connect with each other whether they are players, managers, bloggers or fans, consume content related to the game and collaborate with others on the site.”

The site aims to create a close knit community of cricket lovers, help people form an individual cricketing profile for those interested in playing the game and also to create huddles of players across the globe.

In short, be it a blogpost about IPL’s latest follies, a discussion on a match or your own achievements; if it’s cricket, it’s on Cricket Huddle.

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