Too bored to comment? Click 'Meh' button on Facebook

Todd Greene, creator of the 'Meh' button, says it’s a hit on many sites.  

We often come across videos or pictures on Facebook that just don’t impress us enough to comment. Soon, you may not need to - just click the ‘Meh’ button to respond.

Just as you can ‘like’ something on Facebook, by pasting this bit of code onto your blog or video, you can ascertain in real time how many people find your content, well, not interesting enough to comment on.

Todd Greene, creator of the button, says it’s a hit on many sites.

“What’s great about real-time technology is that you see the results immediately, you don’t have to wait,” The New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

The word ‘meh’ was supposedly used by ‘The Simpsons’ characters for the first time in 1992. Lisa Simpson uses the word to describe how she feels about the fact that she and other members of the “MTV Generation” do not experience emotional highs and lows.

Soon after, it became such a rage that it was added to the Collins English dictionary in 2008 and is defined as an adjective describing something mediocre or boring.

In 2009, comedian and “Daily Show” veteran John Hodgman released a mild rant on Twitter that went like this: “Did I ever tell you people how much I hate the word ‘meh’?” he tweeted. “It is the essence of blinkered Internet malcontentism. And a rejection of joy... it seems to signal: I am interested enough to make one last joyless, nitpicky swipe and then disappear.” Of course, he had to bear the fact that many had responded to his tweets with a resounding “meh”.

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