Online shopping: Any time is a good time

The user takes the cake ultimately  

We’re just past a festive season and yet, the party is far from over for e-commerce shoppers. As a global giant gears up for the ‘Big Billion Day’ later this week, its Indian competitor has something that’s no less a match for a netizen. That’s not all, the smaller players are equally aggressive about wooing customers with their deals. Last year, the trend was not restricted to pre and post festival sales alone; buyers do not need to wait that long for a good deal . It is ‘any time is a good time to shop online’ now without postponing his/her heavy purchase to the next festival.

Raja Satish, a teacher from the city, suggests that a regular shopper will have a better idea about the range of products that each sale offers. “Heavy purchases are sometimes ideal for the festive season, there’s enough to choose from. I use the other deals mostly for my staple needs, that are not exactly driven by need,” he admits. What many customers consider during the non-festive season deals is their trust with the e-tailer. Most of the deals, given a large scale of orders, are sometimes known to offer faulty products to customers too, that makes them think twice.

“I’ve had mixed experiences with a few e-tailers. I ended up getting fake products. Though I am very happy that I am getting good deals all through the year, I am also wary of the cons. It’s a relief to know that I don’t need to think twice before I buy something online all through the year. When the price is on the higher side and I get an inkling about a possible deal soon, I don’t mind waiting,” says Twinkle Mukherjee, a Hyderabad entrepreneur.

However, the longevity of the trend may have to cut short, given the huge losses some firms have incurred in 2016, to the tune of crores. Ramakrishna Mamidi who owns a startup feels that e-tailers in a rush to please their customer base end up investing huge amounts in their deals. The heavy competition sometimes results in hasty decisions and makes the atmosphere toxic for other market players. “One might say that you are investing the money for the future, it depends on what one feels is the wiser of two evils, of staying away from the year-long lucrative deals or being a part of it,” he adds.

There have also been cases where the consistent offer days have made netizens wiser. City student Rajeneesh is one among them. “When there were limited festive deals, I used to indulge in them. However, given that offers are available almost throughout the year now, I first check whether I need to buy it just then.” While year long deals result in mixed results for an e-tailer, as long as the party lasts, the buyer can make the most of it.

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