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Incredulous and Incredibles


From aliens on the moon in Prey: Mooncrash to family fun with the Parrs in LEGO The Incredibles

Creepy crawly aliens and derelict space stations are always a great combination for disaster. Add to that the fact that said aliens, the Typhon, can shapeshift into anything, and you have a jump scare fest on your hands. That was 2017’s Prey in a nutshell. Inspired by System Shock and BioShock, Prey did not really capture gamers as much as it should have. A year later, comes a new expansion, Mooncrash, which is a lot different than what you’re expecting.

Prey: Mooncrash
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Price: ₹1499+ on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What’s it about?

Trapped on a spy satellite is a hacker named Peter, whose job is to intercept communication messages from a super secret TranStar moonbase. Except after the events of Prey, he finds himself stuck, with the only hope of getting out lying within the moonbase itself. To uncover its secrets, he has to play through a simulation built off the experiences of five TranStar employees, to find out exactly what happened.

As a story, Mooncrash is meaty and filled with little narrative titbits. Arkane Studios have really fleshed out their world a lot more, making an expansion feel like a full-length game. You will actually enjoy this game a bit more than the original.

How does it play?

Mooncrash falls under a genre of gaming called ‘Roguelikes’. While it is still a first-person action game, a roguelike is typically a series of small levels that are generated on the fly. The objective is to play each level to unlock more of the characters. Each of which have their own abilities and playstyles. The more you do, the more of their stories come to light.

That’s not all. Each level has a timer, where you have to cut through several Typhon of various sizes and survive. Find ways to escape and find out what happened on the base before time runs out. When your character dies, reset the simulation and keep pushing on. This rinse, die, repeat gameplay is incredibly addictive.

Should you get it?

Mooncrash builds upon Prey in ways that will make you want to play the original game again. Breathing new life into the franchise, giving us a bit of hope for Prey 2. You should get it, if you especially like roguelikes.

Traveller’s Tales has carved quite a niche for themselves with the Lego games they keep releasing. From Avengers to Batman to Harry Potter to Star Wars, they’ve got that one formula and they squeeze the most out of it. While it’s showing its age at the moment, they still infuse their game with that signature zany Lego writing, and they’ve taken a stab at Pixar’s The Incredibles in their latest game.

Incredulous and Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles
  • Publisher: Warner Brothers
  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales
  • Price: ₹2999 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What’s it about?

The Incredibles released more than a decade ago, and it was Pixar’s take on the Fantastic 4 super-family concept. With similar powers, the movie charmed their way into everyone’s hearts. Lego’s The Incredibles is two movies in one, letting you play through that original movie, as well as the sequel that’s in the theatres. With a little bit of masala thrown in for good measure. There are two big differences though — everyone and everything is made up of Lego blocks, and the story takes an even lighter take, edging into a simpler kind of funny. That makes a movie for kids, even more kid-friendly, making this game the perfect game to play with your kids.

How does it play?

The gameplay is similar to every Lego game, with melee combat, and you get to switch family members to get past obstacles. You can collect Lego coins and build things. If you’ve played Lego Avengers, a lot of elements look almost similar. What it does have is a lot of fan service, with over a hundred playable characters. Undoubtedly, as with the movies themselves, Elastigirl is the star of the show.

Should you get it?

Right now, as you’re reading this, a young boy or girl is tugging their parents along to see Incredibles 2. Chances are, after watching the movie, they’re going to be bouncing off the walls in excitement. Making Lego’s The Incredibles a game you should own, if you want to spend some time with your kids in the world of the Parr super-family.

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