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Here’s what the world of gaming has to offer in 2019


Let’s not just step into the New Year, let’s leap forth knowing it’s going to be a blast, with all this gaming goodness coming your way in 2019

It’s been an amazing year writing Gamespot and I am filled with gratitude that I get to write on gaming for all you incredible readers out there. 2018 has been a roller-coaster ride for games as it has been for movies, politics and everything in between. 2019 has a lot more of those coming our way. From answers we’ve all been waiting for in Avengers: Endgame, to the upcoming general elections. It’s going to be a bumper year for gaming too, with the return of some age-old franchises we all love, as well as the début of some new ones. Here are some of the important ones to look forward to:


Think of Anthem, the latest action RPG from veteran developers BioWare, as Monster Hunter in Iron Man suits. Where you and a team of Freelancers battle colossal monsters in exosuits known as Javelins. Which you can chose from several different classes, then customise and upgrade the way you want it to be. With a single player story that deals with that very force of creation itself, called the Anthem and an unfinished world for you too explore.

Mortal Kombat 11

2019 is the year we're going to be getting a new Mortal Kombat. A one on one fighting game known for pushing the envelope in gameplay as well as gore. Pushing more and more for realism in terms of over-the-top dismemberment, the last Mortal Kombat game is not one to be played on a full stomach. If the first look at the trailer at The Game Awards 2018 is anything to go by, MK11 promises to be even more fun and a lot more bloody.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The next chapter in the popular massively multiplayer online shooter, The Division 2, comes in 2019, which takes place in Washington D.C almost 7 months after the events of the first game. Which sees the spread of a deadly virus that causes widespread death, and in it's wake, a complete breakdown of society. You play an elite soldier who's been activated to keep the peace. Plus, it's also going to have a Battle Royale mode, and let's hope the Dark Zone, a unique warzone where players can double cross each other, make's it back into the sequel.

The Outer Worlds

This is not an open world game, which is the first thing we want The Outer Worlds to be when we hear it's from the makers of the original Fallout games, and the folks behind Fallout New Vegas. Don't fret though, the inspiration for it's game design comes from Knights of the Old Republic, another fantastic game, with an excellent linear story and smaller open spaces for exploration. The Outer Worlds is set in space, where planets are colonised by corporations, making for the same retrofuturistic humour we've come to love in Fallout.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From the devious mind behind BloodBorne and the Dark Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, comes a new game that moves away from medieval horror and into the realm of ninja's and samurai. You play a disfigured ninja only known as the "one armed wolf" who is tasked with rescuing his young lord from his captors and not even death can stop him. Sporting a devious wooden prosthetic where his arm used to be, which can be outfitted with several weapons and gadgets, including a grappling hook, Shadows Die Twice looks to bring a lot of gameplay mechanics to the tried and tested Dark Souls formula.

Nioh 2

Which brings us to Nioh 2, the follow up to Team Ninja's successful Dark Souls meets samurai hit, is also going to launch in 2019. This time it let's you create your very own character, instead of the "white man in Japan" trop of the first game. While very little is known about the game, your character is said to have yokai, like demonic abilities, very much like the monsters in the game. The trailer itself shows a character spout out horns at the brink of death. Where Nioh felt like a small step, Nioh 2 feels like the complete vision coming together of the series.

Devil May Cry V

2013's DmC reboot was a decent game, but it wasn't quintessential Devil May Cry, with it's over the top action, crazy weapons and we did miss the silver haired hero Dante. Which is why the new Devil May Cry 5 is so exciting, picking up from Devil May Cry 4, the game sees our heroes Dante and Nero and the other members of the titular detective agency, travel around and bust up demon heads with an array of moves and a lot of sass. The V at the end of the title is not just for show, a new hero named V joins in the fray, sporting a cane and the ability to conjure up demonic familiars to fight.

Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein Youngblood

The Doom reboot was everything we had hoped for and more, and it was inevitable that there would be a Doom Hell on Earth follow up, in all it's rebooted glory, revealed to be Doom Eternal. Where you once more assume the role of the ancient Doom Slayer and take on the hellish invasion force as the underworld tries to take over Earth itself. Incidentally, there will also be a new Wolfenstein too, called Youngblood and it stars B J Blazkowicz's twin daughters taking on the Nazi's.

Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn

Also from the house of ID Software, Rage 2 along with Far Cry New Dawn, will fill that large post apocalyptic void in our hearts that the disappointing Fallout 76 left behind. Both sporting sprawling open worlds for you to drive around in a weapon rich environment. With Rage 2 bringing that signature first person mechanics that made Doom a winner, and it's made by the same folks behind Mad Max and Just Cause. While as Far Cry New Dawn features twin villains and continues where Far Cry 5 left off.

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Launching this year also is the Resident Evil 2 remake, which is more than just a new graphics overhaul to a classic title. For those PS4 users there's the much awaited zombie PS4 exclusive Days Gone. Xbox One owners will see a new Crackdown, the much awaited open world game as well as a new Gears of War 5 with a strong female lead. Pulling itself up from the depths of vapourware is Kingdom Hearts III. Joining Mortal Kombat 11, we will also see Jump Force, a fighter with anime superstars such as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z face off, as well as Dead or Alive 6. Plus there are whispers of a new Batman game around the Court of Owls story arc as well as a new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in the works, all slated for 2019.

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