Google's app for visually impaired users gets two new updates

Google's Lookout app: Food Label mode(L), Scan Document mode(R).   | Photo Credit: Google

Google’s Lookout app helps visually impaired users find more information using their phone’s camera. The search giant has added two new features to the app that will let users identify food packages and scan documents.

The ‘Food Label’ mode allows users to identify packaged food by pointing their phone’s camera at the label. This will guide to the position of the product, helping differentiate between products whose touch feel similar.

The ‘Scan Document’ feature makes it easier to go through mail and documents that have illegible text. Users can take a photo of the document from afar, and the app will enlarge all the text that can be read aloud using TalkBack, the online screen reader.

Google Lookout was introduced in March 2019 with the aim of aiding blind and low-vision users to interact with their surroundings using artificial intelligence (AI).

Google also revamped Lookout’s design to make it more compatible with TalkBack, taking into account customer reviews. Design updates include more space for camera view and object framing convenience. It also changed navigation between modes to require fewer taps and less time by making it possible to scroll between them at the bottom of the screen.

Lookout is available on devices with Android 6.0 versions, and that have more than 2 GB RAM. The app can be set up in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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