Showstoppers at Consumer Electronics Show 2018


A list of some of the most interesting devices showcased at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Every January, Las Vegas plays host to CES, the biggest technology show in the world, that tech companies and startups from around the globe choose as a platform to unveil and showcase their latest and ‘greatest’ inventions. Hundreds and thousands of attendees throng the event, to get a glimpse of the best from the world of technology. Here are six of the coolest gadgets that were showcased this year.

LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator

The South Korean electronics giant has introduced an updated version of its smart refrigerator that was showcased at CES 2017. It features a 29-inch touchscreen on the door that becomes transparent if users knock on it twice and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant that keeps a tab on the food stored inside. However, for 2018, LG has added more smart tech to its refrigerator which is now capable of using artificial intelligence to interact with other ThinQ-branded LG kitchen appliances.

Showstoppers at Consumer Electronics Show 2018

Samsung 146-inch television 'The Wall'

Samsung has created a truly gigantic TV for home use that measures a staggering 10 feet in width and almost 6 feet in height. The monster-sized television, appropriately named “The Wall”, features a different technology than traditional LED-based LCD TVs. It uses something called MicroLED which is based on Samsung's Cinema Screen technology, making it modular in design. Meaning, it can be made even bigger than its current 146-inch size if the user so desires. Samsung is yet to announce its resolution, but it’s highly unlikely to be anything but 4K.

MyLiFi Lamp

It might look like a normal, well-designed, LED desk lamp, but in fact, it is a device that provides secure, wireless, radio wave-free Internet connection to nearby gadgets. Introduced by a French company named Oledcomm, the Lamp uses a technology called Li-Fi which beams internet via infrared light. The company claims that the lamp is capable of providing faster speeds than Wi-Fi and promises to be hack-proof.

L’Oreal UV sensor

The cosmetic giant arrived at CES this year with a thumbnail-worn smart device that measures less than two millimetres thick and can help prevent skin cancer for its wearers. Called UV Sense, the tiny wearable device runs without battery and can connect with any NFC-enabled smartphone. The sensor is designed to monitor sun exposure and alert the user on detecting excess exposure to harmful UV rays via an accompanying smartphone app.

Showstoppers at Consumer Electronics Show 2018

IotaTrax personal transporter

Personal transport gadgets like hoverboards and boosted boards had became a huge hit a couple of years back, but have run out of steam lately. But the original creator of Hoverboard, named Shane Chen, has returned with another compact mobility device, and it has more real-world usability. The compact, self-balancing transporter called IotaTrax has a range of 8 miles and max speed of 10 mph. A gyro sensor and accelerometer work together to help it maintain balance.

NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Displays

A giant 4K display measuring 65 inches diagonally and created specifically for PC gamers was unveiled by nVidia. The Big Format Gaming Display, or simply BFGD, comes with a ton of embedded features such as NVIDIA’s own G-Sync technology, Shield functionality for access to streaming services and a high refresh rate of 120Hz. All these impressive specs help differentiate it from normal TV sets.

Honorable mentions:

Petrics smart pet bed – It is the world’s first smart bed for pets which comes with its own health ecosystem and a long list of intelligent features.

Dynafocals by PH Technical Labs – Named as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, the Dynafocals is a pair of smart eyeglasses with dynamic focus that changes the focus for the user based on what is viewed.

Cosmo Bike – It is a small multifunction smart light that attaches magnetically to bike helmets and is capable of alerting friends and family in the event of an accident.


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