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Take a moment with the Zeb-Peace wireless earphones

The chargeable battery case for the Zeb-Peace Truly Wireless Earphones is in a chic and glossy black with a lot of soul

The chargeable battery case for the Zeb-Peace Truly Wireless Earphones is in a chic and glossy black with a lot of soul  

The Zeb-Peace wireless earphones keep on giving during this loudly festive time of the year

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Zebronics’ Zeb-Prism and my impression of the light-emitting speaker was not flattering. So when the Zeb-Peace True Wireless Earphones arrived — while I was busy untangling my earphones’ wires for the seventh time that day — I was sceptical.

The second-chance-lover in me accepted the challenge to review it, so I started to unbox the device. Whether it was winter brain or just a Monday, I completely missed the magnetic flap as I tugged away at the box; I leave this comment here so that if you guys decide to get this device, you don’t make this exact mistake.

  • Drive size: 6mm
  • Speaker impedance: 16 ohms
  • Net weight: 44 g; earphone each at 4 g
  • Case dimension: 60 x 26.5 x 40 mm
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Supported profiles: HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Talk Time for Earphones: 2hrs 30 mins
  • Playback Time for Earphones: 2hrs 30 mins
  • Case battery life: Additional 6 hours

‘Premium, still sporty’

So back to the Zeb-Peace. Everything is black with a premium but sporty aesthetic. As the battery charges, the lights flicker between red and blue for charging and fully-charged status. Simple enough sans catch-22, right? Indeed. They do say, ‘once you go wireless, you can’t go back’.

The chargeable battery case, with an easy-flip lid, sports two little charging enclosures for each earphone. Whether you’re a gadget-lover or a rookie looking to lessen the complications that come with wires, the Zeb-Peace is a fun, portable and compact product for your listening arsenal.

The earphones, each roughly the size of a ₹2 coin, have an ergonomic fit for the wearer’s ears — I should know, my mother says I have ‘Star Trek’ ears, so if I can wear them, so can you. As per typical audio device standards, the box does have extra crystal foam earbud pad covers in different sizes, based on preference and ear contour.

Performance is key

The Bluetooth syncing functionality across Zebronics devices is fairly seamless, and so far, my iPhone’s been loving it. If you’re half-heartedly listening to music, just one earphone can be made useful, too.

I’m not a festive person. As the holiday season trudges on, my neighbourhood is lit up with unnecessary fireworks and excessive carolling. The Zeb-Peace so far has blocked out about 90% of the unbearable noise, as I connect them to my laptop and watch the umpteenth Christmas episode of Friends. I mean, why experience the seasonal drama when you can live vicariously with great earphones which don’t crackle with uneven bass and treble levels?

So, yes, the sound quality is good, with a lot of richness and depth to the music or podcast or WhatsApped video forwards with dizzying pixels. If you keep the earbuds well-nestled in your ears, this is guaranteed, but if not worn snugly, they lose the impressive bass and start sounding a bit distant.

The one good thing which this season welcomes is the endless array of food, and for me, that means fitness needs to be upped. During a particularly acrobatic session of yoga and a 20-minute go on the treadmill, I worried the Zeb-Peace would fall out, but the grip of these gadgets is impressive without being uncomfortable; plus, they’re sweat-proof. Given the face of the Zeb-Peace is exercise fanatic and occasional actor Hrithik Roshan, one would imagine such results.

The Zeb-Peace Truly Wireless Earphones

The Zeb-Peace Truly Wireless Earphones  

As they sit in the case, from a state of total discharge, the earphones don’t take much time to charge completely and the playback time is a decent 2-and-a-half hours, allowing for an uninterrupted workout.

But what if someone calls? The crossover between whatever you’re listening to and a call coming through is comfortable and not jarring — earphones and headphones often miss the mark here. There’s also the ever-important task of engaging with Siri and the other voice assistants with which smartphones are equipped. ‘What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? Who’s the President of Peru? Why did lakhs of voters’ names go missing in the recent Telangana Legislative Assembly elections?’

So with all this in the trunk, are they going to be expensive? Well, while Apple’s AirPods retail for a pretty penny, the Zeb-Peace are yours for a fair ₹3,999, available at and leading retail outlets.

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