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PlayGo T44 wireless earphones: Good sound, light on the ears

The earphones in their charging case   | Photo Credit: PLAYGO

Stuck at home for months on end, my headphones were lying neglected in a corner of the house, brought out only for the occasional Instagram live. Reviewing PlayGo T44 familiarised me with the comfort of in-ear surround sound.

Gurugram-based company Play, focussed on wireless wearables, brings out its stereo earbuds as the latest entrant in the competitive under-₹5,000 market. Suited for fans of simplicity, it comes encased in a light monotone case weighing around 100 grams. The buds weigh 3.5 grams each and rest light on your ears.

  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms ±10%
  • Driver sensitivity: 92±3 dB
  • Driver: 10 mm
  • Mic sensitivity: -42 dB
  • Chipset: Next generation Mediatek

Combined with a good battery life of 20 hours (four hours of working time), it is easy to forget you are wearing them. And as portable as the case is, let’s be honest: you are not always going to have it on you.

How does it perform?

The sound is where PlayGo T44, operating on Bluetooth 5.0, wins. Rich and clear, the sound muffles ambient noise well. I particularly enjoyed listening to vocals such as Florence and the Machine’s ‘Jenny of Oldstones’, the only good thing to come out of Game of Thrones season eight. Background scores such as Hans Zimmer’s ‘Inception’s Time’ and Hildur Guðnadóttir’s Joker theme cocooned me well.

But since these are earbuds, let us talk about how well they do with bass-rich dance tracks such as The Weeknd’s ‘Star Boy’. Not as great as the mids, but definitely satisfactory. What won me over was how well they sat in my ears despite intense movement. The basic IPX4 rating comes in handy here for workout sweat or light rain while jogging, but do not test its limits.

The earphones of the PLAYGO T44

The earphones of the PLAYGO T44   | Photo Credit: PLAYGO

The PlayGo T44 is touch-operated, with double tap for play and pause in both buds, and long tap in the right and left to jump to the next song or the previous song respectively. This is where I was disappointed, relying instinctively on using my device rather than the bud touch. The long taps made me impatient and the play and pause were not always effective on the right bud, even after proper charging to reset. Often, while jogging I would adjust my buds from force of habit, and end up activating the voice assistant (three taps) or pausing.

Play claims the T44 has HD clarity in phone calls, but I found them lacking in cancelling out background noise. As long as you are in a room or on the road with minimal traffic and speaking clearly, you will be audible; not as clear as on phone, but you can make the compromise for not straining your neck. However, as soon as the background noise increases, it becomes difficult for the listener to talk to you for long. Their real test will be once local trains start running again.

Overall, a decent buy for the price point of ₹2,999, and nice to workout with, hold conference calls on and listen with, while falling asleep. If only the touch was more intuitive.

PlayGo T44 is available in black and white on Amazon India for ₹2,999. For more information, visit

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