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When Forrest Gump said the memorable quote ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’, he was definitely referring to mystery boxes.

In this day and age, a mysterious box showing up at your doorstep would have you diving into the bushes for cover as you speed-dial the bomb squad. But these are more like ‘surprise’ birthday gifts: you know you’re going to get one; you just don’t know what’s in it, and the anticipation is exhilerating. Every month, these boxes are shipped out with action figures from the month’s hot movie, or sometimes plushies, limited-edition T-shirts, even odds and ends like mobile cases, pins, magnets, comics and more. But it’s not only nerd goodness, but also boxes for your pets, for book lovers and even those who love strange snacks from exotic places—making these the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Here are some of the best loot boxes that should be on your radar, and most importantly, ship to India.

Geek Crate

₹1599 per month

This home-grown loot box operates out of India and ships across the country—shipping a nice array of goodies, which are a good mix of anime, movies, and international TV shows. We did notice boxes full of Funko Pop dolls from animes like Naruto, One Piece and even, most recently, Ghost in the Shell. The T-Shirt prints are decent, though the good part is, if the size does not fit, or you want to exchange it for a larger size to gift to a friend, you can request them before the 20th of the month. The price for the Geek Crate is a lot cheaper than the international variants, at ₹1599 for a box. That price goes down if you take a 3 or 6-month prepay.

Geek Fuel

$29.90 (Approx ₹2200+ with shipping)

Currently the most popular loot box that ships to India, Geek Fuel is on time and always packed with fun goodies. The last two months have been packed with Guardians of the Galaxy goodies to tie in with the movie release; likewise, they try and tie in with popular releases worldwide. What stands out is the quality of the T-Shirt prints, which are fantastic, especially the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. They also include fun stuff like a Zelda mat and other odds and ends. They also include a game in each box, which are mostly quite boring, though the rest of the box is excellent.

Nerd Block

$37.99 (Approx ₹2500 with shipping)

What stands out about Nerd Block is the varied amount of blocks they have up for subscription. You can opt for the Nerd Block Classic, which is a mix of everything, from anime and movies, to television and pop culture. You can choose Nerd Blocks with a focus on only anime or movies if you are a fan of only these. They also have a bi-monthly Dr Who Nerd Block that comes in a nifty Tardis-like box. Be warned though—Nerd Block does have delays in shipment. As of this article, the June 2017 block was delayed by over a month.

Nerd Block Jr

$37.99 (Approx ₹2500 with shipping)

The Junior edition of Nerd Block is perfect for your little one. They come in boys and girls flavours, and both have a tasteful mix of toys. What’s great about the girls block is that they are not Barbie-fied and come with toys dipped in pink. It’s well thought out, with a mix of comics, books, pins, mugs and other goodies that will make your daughter squeal in delight and love you forever and ever. For the boys, the crate comes with Hot Wheels cars, plushies from popular boys shows, and there was even a plush toy of an Alien facehugger in one of the boxes. There are fun items like face stickers and some fantastic T-shirts in both the boys and girls blocks. A fantastic gift for your kids to keep them happy.

The Bookling’s Crate

₹899 onwards

If you love your books but find it daunting to find good reads at libraries or book shops, you can opt for a book surprise loot crate. The Bookling’s Crate is one such loot box that’s geared towards YA (Young Adult) book lovers, with one mystery YA book across genres like fantasy, crime, thriller and mystery. Also in the box, you get a bunch of bookish goodies like stationery or diaries, pencils and even sweets. The price of the standard box is ₹899 and there are limited-edition boxes for approx ₹1599, which are themed. With those, you get beautiful bags and even a Pop figure bundled in.

The Big Book Box

₹1599 onwards

While Bookling’s is billed as a young adult offering, The Big Book Box positions itself as a premium contender. You can choose from three levels of Book Boxes. The Espresso Box, priced at ₹1599, comes with one book and six bookish goodies. Then there’s the more expensive Cappuccino Box with two or three books and a lot more goodies. Each book box contains letters from the author, as well as a Funko pop figure or little trinkets at times. The Big Book Box is a perfect surprise every month, as hand-picked books come straight to your doorstep.

Gentleman’s Box

$33 (₹2000+)

An essential mystery box for every gentleman, as each box contains hand-picked fashion accessories. From really cool to zany socks, ties, wallets, sunglasses, watches and a lot more. You also get a copy of GQ magazine in every box, so you can up your style quotient. It’s not just about clothes. The Gentleman’s Box also comes with grooming products like hair wax or beard oil. While all of these aren’t essentials, it’s great opening a Gentleman’s Box and finding a fun tie or a pair of wood sunglasses. If it’s not your style, you can always spread the love amongst your friends.

Fit Snack

$30 (₹2000+)

For all those health nuts out there, who love working out and eating right, Fit Snack is right up your loot crate alley. It’s low on calories but high on surprises, as each box is packed to the gills with healthy oils, snacks, nut mixes, crunchy chips, protein cookies, organic pancake mix, shake mix and lots more. Also included are helpful workouts, or workout gear and even lifestyle advice and inspiration.

Fab Bag


It’s always fun when someone hand-picks your beauty products for you, and that’s exactly what Fab Bag is. A loot crate filled with beauty, bath and make-up products, all handpicked, put in a beautiful bag and shipped to your doorstep. Each bag is themed—such as The Boho Chic June or the February Pucker Up or a Partyholic bag. All of these have products that reflect that theme and bags designed with colourful prints.


$14 (₹1500+)

Japan is a world in itself, and the most fascinating aspects, apart from the food, are the delicacies and candies. TokyoTreat is a mystery box packed with colour and goodness in the form of chips, candy, even flavoured soda pop from the strange and wonderful Willy Wonka world of Japan. From Dagashi Bags, which are intricately-made penny candies in the form of your favourite anime characters, you may even get an Umaibo, which is a corn candy. You also get Whistle Ramune, which are candies with whistles like we used to get in India. Each box also has an assortment of Wagashi, which are crunchy snacks that range from savoury to sweet. Among these, you also get Yokan and Mochigashi, both rice-based desserts. It’s so much fun getting a slice of Tokyo straight to your doorstep every month.

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