Secret to sit straight

Lumo nags you to sit straight

Lumo nags you to sit straight  


Lumoback vibrates every time you slouch and tracks your movements

As children, we were often nagged by our mothers to sit straight. Our mothers did a pretty good job of ensuring that our posture was not ruined.

A company called Lumo Body Tech has come up with a gadget that does the nagging like mothers. It is a sensor called Lumoback that sits (or rather, straps) comfortably on your lower waist and vibrates every time you slouch. In addition, it also tracks your steps while you are walking and running. The device comes with a corresponding iOS app, which is free. The band can be bought at

It is so comfortable that you will easily forget that you are wearing it, until it vibrates when you don’t sit straight. It can happen while you are working on your computer, while you eat, while driving, while in a meeting, or while you are just standing.

After a few days, it can seem like eating vegetables – you know it is good for you, but you might not necessarily enjoy it. You can wear Lumo Back under your clothes, which is an advantage because you would not be announcing your secret to the world.

The app, with a stick figure without any arms that copies your moves, does add to the charm. This tiny man turns yellow and makes a sad face when you are slouching, and turns green and positively beams at you when your posture is right. This way, you can adjust your position accordingly. However, it is not always possible to constantly check your screen for your posture. So, you can end up receiving these vibrations and guessing what is wrong with the way you are carrying yourself.

The company plans on releasing a coaching part for the app. You will then get notifications on your iPhone that will ask you to improve your posture, or stand up for a brief period of time after having sat down for more than half an hour. Another notification could give you your posture score for the day and encourage you to try harder and hit a certain particular score.

The first nagging buzz comes after you’ve been exhibiting bad posture for four seconds, then it buzzes again at 11 seconds. If you don’t correct your posture after that, LumoBack assumes you don’t want to be corrected again and stops buzzing. When you change positions, it restarts this count. You can turn the vibrations off, but you'll probably forget you're wearing it and your posture will suffer, defeating the purpose. In the next few months, Lumo BodyTech plans to release a coaching component for its app that aims to make the sensor more of a motivational gadget. The new version of the app will also set different goals for different people.

The bluetooth device that connects the device with your phone is completely harmless. Also, the device can save up to a month’s data. This is quite helpful if you are nowhere near your phone, the data recorded in the sensor will be saved for a while and transmitted once you are back in range. The battery goes on for five to seven days, but it depends on usage. You can recharge it with a USB cable that comes with the device.

All – in – all, your mother is not going to stop nagging you. So, just listen to her and sit straight.

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