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No-nonsense audio The AKG K92  

In a time when headphones are consistently trying to one up each other on specs and design, AKG comes along and delivers a pair like the K92s. That is not to say the K92 looks bad; on the contrary, I quite enjoyed its slightly-retro look, with gold accents, and the AKG logo boldly stamped on the ear cups. The headphones exude a sense of single-minded focus; they’re built to produce great sound, and that’s what they do.

The K92s feature an all-plastic construction, and this, with the self-adjusting headband and large cups, means that they settle comfortably over your ears the moment you put them on. While plastic may not be the most premium material around, the weight saved means you can have long sessions with the headphones on without feeling a thing.

This is perhaps the highlight feature of the headphones; they do their job with a subtle efficiency that makes the hardware itself fade into the background. The lightness, with the wide soundstage, makes it easy to forget for an instant that you’re not just hearing output from a pair of speakers. Instrument separation is not the best in class, but the 40mm drivers deliver a beautifully-balanced aural experience. The neutral character of the headphones may not be to the liking of people who prefer a certain texture to their sound, but the same character makes the K92 great as a pair of studio monitors for editing. They also come with a screw-on 6.3mm adapter that lets them plug directly into audio equipment. Despite being subjected to a range of musical genres, podcasts and movies, the headphones consistently returned great results, making them the perfect accompaniment for home entertainment needs.

Besides this, they don’t have much to go on about in the features list. The headphones don’t come with a mic or audio controls, the cable is the one-sided variety, but non-removable, and the large cups don’t articulate or fold, making them unsuitable for travel. However, as I said in the beginning, these are a pair of headphones that are laser-focused on what they’re built for — great sound with no strings attached or gimmicks in tow.

At a price point of Rs. 5,000, the AKG K92 is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a comfortable, great-sounding neutral studio monitor for home use.

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