Leica M-D: Modern tech on a vintage model


The Leica M-D takes a step back in evolution of digital cameras, or is it a step sideways? This camera, at a first glance, reminds one of the older film cameras, and the reason for that is the absence of a digital screen. Yes. The M-D does not have a screen of any sort, only a viewfinder.

Though others Leica rangefinder camera carried displays, the M-D has gone retro. As with most other Leicas there are physical controls for shutter speed, aperture and ISO. The image composition relies entirely on the photographer's expertise. It will be rewarding for a professional depending on how perfectly they can judge a scene based on its lighting and shadows.

Product specifications

Coming to the technical specifications, it is a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, with a Maestro image processor, with an ISO range of 200-6400. It has two control dials - one on top for setting the shutter speed and one at the back for ISO. Aperture, as usual is set at the lens.

Absence of a screen means absence of a menu system as well. No videos for this Leica. Images will be saved in RAW format as DNG files.

Why Leica?

The world of Leica has been revolutionalising our worlds for a while now. Leica's rangefinder cameras have a solid build and are known for their super silent, super sharp images. Anybody who has a Leica M9 is looked at with awe and respect, for most of the models are one of a kind and brings out the best photos.

Last year, we saw the one-of-a-kind Panoramic S2 for black-and-white panoramic photographs and a M Monochrom that was touted as a black and white only camera.

Not the first model without a screen

Technically, this isn't the first model without an LCD screen. To honour 60 years of M rangefinders, the Leica M Edition 60 was launched as a limited edition (600 cameras with a price tag of about $18,000 each).

At the price of $5,995, this camera sticks to its guns along with other M-series models with its picture quality to rely on.

For someone who knows their photography, the Leica M-D lets the user concentrate on obtaining the best images possible in the 'old school way.'

So if you're a skilled photographer wanting to own a legendary brand but don't have the patience for the film processing, this can be your buy.

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