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Dragon Quest Builders 2 review: Joy of creating new worlds


The latest Dragon Quest Builders edition elevates a classic block-building game to the role-playing category

It’s easy to see Dragon Quest Builders as just another Minecraft clone, even as it proved that the series can combine two genres with great success. It married the Lego-like block-building with role-playing mechanics and the result was magic. Dragon Quest Builders 2 builds on the premise and adds multi-player options for good measure.

What’s it about?

The Builders sequel takes place in the same realm as Dragon Quest II, where a cult known as the Children of Hargon have captured all the Builders in a nefarious bid to stop the creation of all things. You play as one such builder who escapes the prison ship. You end up on a mysterious archipelago and befriend Malroth, an amnesiac stranger.

Everything about Dragon Quest Builders 2 is delightful. The story motivates you to explore, build and complete other quests that will eventually restore the villagers’ islands to their former glory. The expansive realm, teeming with quirky non-player characters (NPC), adds more excitement to the game.

How does it play?

At its core, the game is all about exploring and searching for materials in the hostile outdoors and then building with what you find. What you want to build is entirely upto you. The game’s design will get your creative juices flowing.

You will need to journey across the main island and hop onto the neighbouring ones to find building materials (but there are many monsters along the way). Exploring is a lot of fun when you add gliding into the mix. Doing quests for the NPCs are fun. You can also recruit them to help you.

The initial phase of the game will tutor you in building, collecting materials and the economics of the realm. Where the game lacks big time is in the combat, which is a shame because that’s an area which Dragon Quest games have always excelled in.

In Builders 2, real-time combat is frustrating and will make you stay away from enemy encounters because the fighting is tedious. We hope Omega Force really does take some active steps to fix this over a few patches. These little niggles aside, the game is excellent, even in multi-player, which mostly works with you jumping into other people’s realms and helping them build their creations.

Should you get it?

To enjoy the game better, you might need to get over the impression of it being just a building game. Annoying combats aside, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an excellent, quirky and creative game. If you want to quest and build on-the-go, you could opt for the Nintendo Switch version.

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