Chromebook launches new features to help users multitask and explore

Google Chromebook.   | Photo Credit: Google

Google introduced new features to help users navigate their Chromebooks, drag screen to external monitors from the device, and multitask between sessions with ease.

The new Explore app helps Chrome OS and Chromebook users learn new technology that would otherwise need several pages of instructions and tutorials, Alexander Kuscher, director of Chrome OS software, said.

According to Google, the Explore app is an evolved form of ‘Get Help,’ the search giant’s previous in-product education app. It guides users to learn about the most helpful Chrome OS features, when they log in to a Chromebook for the first time and complete onboarding.

Frequently asked questions by new Chromebook users are answered in explore’s homepage. It also includes tutorials on the process of setting up a printer with Chromebook or file management in the local storage and Google drive. The app also has a tab that allows users discover and redeem new perks in Chromebook.

Google has also introduced an overview key in Chromebook. Users can drag windows from their Chromebook screen to an external monitor, and vice versa, in the Overview mode. It also enhances multitasking, helping users to zoom out and see all the windows that are open, and to split the screen. It allows users to open multiple documents at a single time, and to make notes while reviewing an article.

The company has added new emojis in the Chrome OS to capture more emotions. They can be accessed by right clicking any text field and navigating to “emoji.”

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