Apple inadvertently allowed a malware to run on Macs

Apple accidentally allowed a malware to run on Macs   | Photo Credit: Reuters

Security researchers found that Apple approved a malware to run on Macs that is considered to infect Apple’s highly secured devices.

A twitter user Peter Dantini noticed website, a replica of the original Homebrew website, was hosting an active adware campaign. Once a user accidentally visits the website, the page would recommend an update for Adobe Flash Player after various redirects.

Patrick Wardle, a Mac security researcher, said that Apple normally blocks such campaigns as they use a code that Apple does not approve.

Peter noticed the campaign originated from used adware payloads that automatically downloaded advertising materials fully approved by Apple.

“This means Apple could not detect the malicious software even after scanning them, prior to distribution on macOS and allowed them to run even on macOS Big Sur,” said Wardle in a blog post.

Users will completely trust these malicious samples knowing that they are approved by Apple, he added.

Wardle confirmed that these payloads were the notorious and massively popular Shlayer malware tha security firm Kaspersky calls the most prevalent malware infecting macOS systems.

"As for the malware threats, the Shlayer family, which masquerades as Adobe Flash Player or an update for it, has been the most prevalent," Kaspersky said in a blog post.

The goal of the Shlayer malware is to download and persistently install various macOS adware, it added.

Shlayer can intercept coded web data even from the secured websites and replace them with its own ads, to make money by cheating people.

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