Amazon sues influencers for promoting fake luxury products

Amazon sues influencers for promoting fake luxury products.   | Photo Credit: Reuters

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Amazon on Thursday said it sued 13 individuals and businesses for advertising, promoting, and facilitating sale of counterfeit luxury goods in Amazon’s store, violating the company’s policies and the law.

The lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington alleges that defendants operated in concert with each other while selling fake or copied products and engaged in false advertising.

Amazon’s lawsuit alleges that, of 13 defendants, Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly-Krejci conspired with sellers to evade Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting protections by promoting counterfeit products on Instagram, TikTok and their own websites.

The Seattle-based firm explained that Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly-Krejci posted side-by-side photos of a generic, non-branded product and a luxury counterfeit product with the text, “Order this/Get this”.

In this case, “Order this” referred to the generic products falsely advertised on Amazon and “Get this” meant counterfeit luxury products.

“By posting only generic products on Amazon, Fitzpatrick and Kelly-Krejci – and the sellers they coordinated with – attempted to evade our anti-counterfeit protections while using social media to promote the true nature of these counterfeit products,” Amazon said in a statement.

Cristina Posa, Associate General Counsel and Director, Amazon Counterfeit unit said promoting fake products on social media undermined the work of legitimate influencers.

Amazon had previously removed Fitzpatrick and blocked Kelly-Krejci’s scheme over counterfeit activities.

Amazon has filed a series of lawsuits against these individuals and firms, including a joint lawsuit with Italian luxury fashion house Valentino, cosmetics retailer KF Beauty, and seller of travel products for parents JL Childress.

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