Amazon launches live streaming service using Twitch technology

Quiz on live stream   | Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon has launched a new live streaming service for web and mobile application powered by Twitch’s technology.

Amazon’s Interactive Video Service (IVS) allows customers to configure and live stream videos through their own website or mobile application. It enables content creators and developers to provide a consistent, low-latency live streaming experience across different viewing platforms and devices, without compromising on video quality or buffering, the company said in a statement.

The service offers low latency, time taken for a video to go from camera to viewer, at less than three seconds. It usually takes about 20 to 30 seconds for this transfer to happen in other online streaming video platforms.

IVS also allows users build interactive features into the live streams like virtual chat spaces, polls, surveys, question and answer sessions and promotional elements, auto synchronized with the live video.

IVS removes the cost and complexity in setting up the live video streams, allowing customers to focus more on building engaging experiences for their viewers, Amazon said in a statement.

Amazon charges customers for both video input and out. For video input, it charges an hourly rate of $0.20 or $2.00, depending on the resolution. Video output, varies by resolution and billing region. Apart from this, Amazon does not include any other charges.

To use IVS, customers should send their live videos to Amazon via a standard streaming software, which will set up the live video for viewers based in different locations.

“With Amazon IVS, any developer can build an interactive live streaming experience into their own application without having to manage the underlying video infrastructure, Martin Hess, GM, Amazon IVS said in a statement.

“They can leverage on the same technology that has taken Twitch over a decade to build and refine.”

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