Air purifier review | Dyson Cool Formaldehyde is a premium purifier with stunning features

In its present form, the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier is a powerful health product that fits into the premium segment and niche

November 04, 2022 04:45 pm | Updated 05:04 pm IST

Air Purifier review | Dyson Cool Formaldehyde is a premium purifier with stunning features

Air Purifier review | Dyson Cool Formaldehyde is a premium purifier with stunning features | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Winters across India can be anything from pleasantly refreshing to brutally freezing. With millions now entering this season, respiratory illnesses and allergies are also on the rise.

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As the yearly festivities left behind their share of smoke, smog, and air pollution, we had the opportunity to test the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier, which retails at ₹41,900 on the company’s website.

Here’s what we learned about the famed product designed to neutralise harmful pollutants and destroy toxic formaldehyde gas around you.

In the box

The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier arrived in a tall box with cardboard stuffing and an incredible amount of plastic sheeting. We received the air purifier’s main body, two sets of HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters, a remote controller, and documentation for the device. Many users would prefer less packaging.


The air purifier’s burnished brown filter case, grey bases, and open white frame lend the product an impressive yet elegant art deco touch. The room that gets to host the device enjoys an instant facelift as the Dyson air purifier looks more like a sophisticated ornament than a health product.

The purifier, while durable and well-balanced, is also lightweight so it can be carried between rooms, though not between multiple floors. It is slightly over one metre in height and weighs close to five kilograms.

The golden remote controller also boasts a sleek, matte finish. It is small and thus, easy to handle and store. With a magnetic build, it can be left on top of the air purifier, though a dedicated slot would have been preferable as the magnetic hold is very weak. Still, those who are particular about home aesthetics will be more than satisfied with the beauty of the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier.

Air Purifier review | Dyson Cool Formaldehyde is a premium purifier with stunning features

Air Purifier review | Dyson Cool Formaldehyde is a premium purifier with stunning features | Photo Credit: Sahana Venugopal

Set-up and app experience

The Dyson Link app is easy to download and set up on a smartphone, though it is decidedly aimed at buyers who are building their collection of Dyson products. There were many questions to answer while setting up the app, which did not apply to me. I personally found them intrusive.

Users who want a low-tech experience and don’t wish to review the air pollutant reports are advised to use just the remote for a hassle-free set up.

Coming to the hardware, attaching the HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters was an intuitive process. The device was ready for action in minutes.


We had the privilege of testing the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier in the days leading up to Diwali celebrations across the country. For a few days, the air purifier registered particulate matter levels that put our surroundings in the “good” air quality or green zone, as well as the “fair” air quality or yellow zone.

The air purifier measures room temperature, humidity levels, particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns, particulate matter smaller than 10 microns, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide and oxidising gases, and formaldehyde. Within ten minutes on a normal day, the air purifier brought a bedroom from the yellow zone back to the green zone.

The purifier is indeed sensitive, since the air pollutant levels began spiking as firecrackers were burst outside, even when there was no obvious stink of smoke in the air. The barrage of fireworks throughout the evening did overwhelm the device in an open hall as air quality rapidly hit the “extremely poor” purple zone. The purifier was unable to cleanse the surrounding air until it was brought to a closed bedroom. When used in combination with an air conditioner, it quickly restored the room to fair air quality levels. Diwali day was comfortable, clean, and smoke-free when using the device in a confined space.

The air purifier also classifies cleaning agents such as Lysol and Dettol as pollutants, since we noticed that a floor mopped with these agents led to a lowered air quality reading for several minutes. Users who are extremely susceptible to foreign smells, chemical agents, sprays, or vapours will surely appreciate the heightened sensitivity of the device and its fast response.

Dyson Link app

Dyson Link app | Photo Credit: Sahana Venugopal

When the air purifier is fixed at the maximum setting of 10, the user can enjoy a breezy fan-like effect, as long as they are within three metres of the device. There is a high-pitched whooshing noise at this speed, but lower settings are a little quieter and will suit those who prefer white noise in their environment.

The air purifier rapidly deodorises even a clean room and makes it completely scentless, which will come in useful for kitchens, dining rooms, or closed rooms where people might enjoy snacking. Stale odours are quickly flushed away, making the entire space feel airy.

The air purifier’s wide range of options for oscillation and fan speeds will also come in handy for users who might want to target different rooms throughout the day. There is an automatic option for users who want intelligent guidance from the machine, as well as a night mode.

We further had the opportunity to try out the air purifier in a makeshift sick room. The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier ensured that even a closed room with an ill person remained fresh and well-ventilated. Thanks to the night mode which is softer and cuts out the LCD screen, the air purifier continuously cleaned the air without disturbing the sleeper. The device would be an excellent fit for patients receiving medical care or recuperating at home.

The filters’ shelf life can be monitored via the Dyson Link app, and they are guaranteed for 12 months.

The air purifier’s 1.8 metre long electrical cord, though it sounds more than sufficient, is far shorter than what is depicted in the product’s promotional images. For that reason, the Dyson air purifier needs to be stationed close to an outlet unless one is using an extension cord.


The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier comes with a circular LCD screen which measures the room’s air quality in real time, identifies pollutants, and also displays the chosen settings. The resolution is sharp and a live, colour-coded line graph lets the user instantly assess the changing air quality in their room.


The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier does a terrific job of cleaning the air in closed spaces and bedrooms. The device is a perfect fit for urban dwellers or those who reside in poorly ventilated rooms. However, we wished the air purifier was as effective in open spaces and halls.

Considering the device’s premium tag, it would have been ideal if the purifier could also double as a bladeless fan. In its present form, the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier is an indispensable health aid, but one that very few Indians can afford - even at a discount.

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