A hanging garden is being built using AI and robots

Four robotic arms picking up wooden boards and placing them in space according to the computer design   | Photo Credit: ETH Zurich

Researchers from ETH Zurich are building a 22.5-metre-tall green hanging garden with the help of artificial intelligence and robots.

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The hanging structure will be made using five wooden pods that are slightly offset from each other and supported by eight thin steel pillars.

Four suspended robotic arms, in sync with each other, will pick the wooden panel assigned to them, perform a high-precision dance and finally put the panels into place as per the computer design. The movement of the robots will be controlled by an algorithm to avoid any collision during execution.

The robots will do the heavy lifting and positioning, making the assembling process less expensive, according to the researchers.

Once the machines have placed the four panels next to each other, craftspeople will join them and glue the panels together with a special casting resin. Each of the five wooden pods in the structure comprises 51 to 88 wooden panels.

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In the conventional architectural designing process, architects study different structural requirements and then adjust until all requirements are met.

Here, a machine learning algorithm has designed the structure and presented the researchers with different options. The proposals varied in shape of pods and spatial arrangement, relative to each other. It also highlighted how each design affected individual target variables.

The software takes care of the relevant manufacturing parameters, like a panel’s maximum possible weight, and thus generates the most efficient and load-bearing configuration, the release said.

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The algorithm generated design is currently being built at the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory at ETH Zurich.

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