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Tata Sky Binge review: Yet another entertainment portal

Watching IPL and the ICC Cricket World Cup now just doesn’t have the thrilling fun it used to back in the day. Now we have to bear the advertisements shoved in our line of vision; it’s simply not enough that the field, uniforms and screens blatantly blare the sponsorships, but each precious over is interrupted by a cheesy commercial, brainwashing us to buy the next smartphone or the next paint for that one wall in our living rooms.

Entertainment has changed the game, making the most of the openly-available Internet bandwidths to embrace streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services. That’s why Tata Sky Binge entered the playing field — pun totally intended. With a monthly fee of ₹249, subscribers now have access to videos.

The review device I received was a limited-edition Amazon Fire TV Stick with the Tata Sky graphics spewed across it; as a consumer, you simply rent the Fire TV Stick (which has an MRP of ₹3999) but pay only the ₹249 a month for the Tata Sky Binge. For those trying to save for an Amazon Fire TV Stick, this could be a useful hack... but you have to have a set-top-box. I don’t need to name the other VOD services which run independently from their set-top-boxes because, well, not everyone finds the need to invest in one. Besides, if I already have a Fire TV Stick, wouldn’t the app be free to download if the subscription is paid?

Content-wise, it took me only a few minutes of browsing to really know that I wasn’t exactly their target market; as someone who wants the latest content but doesn’t watch television per se, there wasn’t much of a thrill. But Tata Sky Binge does offer a fair share of the programmes we may miss on television while we’re at work, such as cricket highlights or the latest episode of that slap-filled soap opera. According to the company, there are over 5000 titles in the library from which to choose, plus you — of course — get the premium content from the apps you still have to pay for, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Tata Sky Binge content, however, has a seven-day shelf-life, proving this is actually to play ‘catch up’ on a rainy day rather than a full-blown entertainer night in with friends.

Sure, my mind wasn’t blown by this service, but there is a community to which Tata Sky Binge caters, which is probably why it’s only at ₹249 a month. My advice? Test it out first if there’s a store near you.

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