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The Hindu Science Quiz: Of immune cells and gas giants


1. Human body’s immune system guards it against infectious organisms and other invaders. Which of the following best describes it?

1. Born in Austria, this engineer and inventor emigrated to the U.S. in 1884. He famously lends his name to the unit of magnetic flux density. He also has a minor planet named after him. Who is he?

1. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, x … is the first set of numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. What is x?

1. Whales have a filter-feeder system in the mouth that substitutes for their lack of teeth. What are these called?

1. Many years ago, humans first started using stone tools. This period started roughly 3.3 million years ago and is dubbed the Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age. Who coined this name in 1865?

1. Epidemiology is the study of how diseases spread. In epidemiology, what or who is the patient zero or index case?

1. Ebola Virus Disease is a rare and deadly disease that affects humans and…

1. Silent Spring (1962) was a book that challenged the scope and direction of modern science. It warned against the use of chemicals such as DDT. Who wrote the book?

1. Which of the following is not a feature of cannabis plants?

1. Which of these planets is described as a “gas giant”?

Snack on Science

The Hindu Science Quiz: Of immune cells and gas giants

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