This September 11, 2020, image courtesy of Teruhiko Wakayama, University of Yamanashi, shows healthy offspring and next generation of mice derived from space preserved spermatozoa.

Mouse sperm stored on International Space Station produces healthy offspring

Reconstructed fossil: Bharitalasuchus tapani were approximately the size of an adult male lion and might have been the largest predators in their ecosystems.

Meet Bharitalasuchus tapani, a carnivorous reptile that lived 240 million years ago

Aswathi Pacha

A molecular view of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus

D. Balasubramanian

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A health worker administers coronavirus vaccine during a vaccination drive in Bengaluru. (Photo for representation)

Two doses of COVID-19 vaccine offer 77% protection against hospitalisation, CMC Vellore study finds

R. Prasad
A sewage Treatment plant at Doddabele, Bengaluru

New low-cost sensor to detect COVID-19 in wastewater

This Jan. 16, 2020 file photo shows a Uniper energy company coal-fired power plant and a BP refinery beside a wind generator in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Carbon dioxide in the air at highest level since measurements began


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