Stress is putting 76% Mumbaikars at risk of heart disease, says study

A study on heart health released on Wednesday has revealed that nearly 76% of people in Mumbai reel under stress, a major risk factor for heart disease.

Lack of sleep, irregular meals, excessive belly fat and an overall sedentary lifestyle have also exposed people to cardiovascular diseases to a large extent.

Released ahead of World Heart Day, which is observed on September 29, the study by Saffolalife covered 1,226 people in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. While stress emerged as the topmost risk factor for heart disease in Mumbai, lack of exercise and belly fat were the biggest risk factors in Delhi and Hyderabad respectively. The study said 71% of Mumbaikars get less than 7.5 hours of sleep, making them vulnerable to heart ailments.

‘A trigger for disorders’

“Every individual should have eight hours of sound sleep. We consider less than five hours of sleep as a trigger for metabolic disorders and less than 7.5 hours of sleep as a trigger for cardiac ailments,” said endocrinologist Dr. Shashank Joshi. He added that good sleep is extremely crucial for maintaining heart health.

According to Dr. Joshi, the study was carried out by calculating the cardiac risk score of each individual. He said, “The lipid profiles were carried out and other aspects like belly fat and stress were looked at. There is a correlation between each of these components.” Dr. Joshi said that there are constant mini-stressors that accumulate and become a risk factor for heart disease.

According to cardiologist Dr. C.K. Ponde, lifestyle diseases are a growing concern in the medical fraternity and heart disease has emerged as one of the most serious issues over the last few years. Dr. Ponde said, “However, most people do not understand how these small lifestyle behaviours can have a big impact on their heart.” He said the sleep-deprived do not even consider lack of rest as a risk factor for heart disease.

The study

Sample size: 1,226 people (586 males and 640 females)

Cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad

Methodology: Face-to-face interviews and lipid profile mapping

Main Findings:

Common lifestyle behaviours that impact heart health

Stress: 65%

Belly fat: 64%

Lack of exercise: 63%

Lack of sleep: 63%

Skipping meals: 62%


67% were at risk due to stress

67% were at risk factor due to skipping meals


63% were at risk due to stress

62% were at risk due to lack of exercise

Highest risk factors


Stress: 76%

Lack of exercise: 71%

Lack of sleep: 71%

Belly fat: 71%

Skipping meals: 69%


Lack of exercise: 64%

Belly fat: 64%

Skipping meals: 63%

Stress: 62%

Lack of sleep: 61%


Belly fat: 57%

Stress: 56%

Lack of exercise: 56%

Lack of sleep: 55%

Skipping meals: 53%

(Source: Saffolalife study 2019: Impact of lifestyle behaviours on heart health)

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