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Say no to gambling


Apne pe bharosa hain to yeh daav lagale”

Whether in mythology or the new age casinos there is enough evidence that man has been attracted to gambling. It often leads to a situation wherein the lure causes draining of resources pushing the individual into an abyss of desperation to win for one last time. If this indulgence trespasses into the day to day life of the person affecting his family life and work and pushing the financial resources to the brink; it only means that the social health of the person is at risk and leads him into a state of obsession.

Just as alcohol makes one succumb to its wiles; it's the same with gambling. It does not mean that one needs to gamble their wages every day but the fact that it becomes an urge for the individual to reach out at the first given opportunity, means that he is in the gamut of gambling. The problem with it is that it causes an intense urge to indulge in the activity as it alters the mood and emotions just like alcohol. Just as the tolerance towards alcohol increases, the same with gambling too and the urge to play another round of the game becomes that much more irresistible. As the urge increases the ability to resist too decreases in the same fashion. This craving also leads to a similar obsession with other substances. They are more prone to fall for other addictions too.

The incidence of the problem is increasing and there is a significant population hooked to some form of gambling or the other. For example even the cool confines of the home does not not provide enough immunity to such games because even television has enough programmes that encourage this activity. What is of concern is that gambling seems to catch the young population as the electronic gadgets are conduits to such an activity. There is a severe effect of this on the job, relationships, mental health and other aspects of life because the social, economic, interpersonal or legal problem are the ultimate bargains of gambling.

When it comes within the purview of medicine, pathological gambling needs to be addressed as an obsessive disorder and a personality problem. Homeopathic medicine have certain good remedies which can address the situation. For example Hyoscyamus wherein there is a restless, urge and anger and irritability when he is unable to reach out to it. Arsenic alb is for the restless person and Argentum nit is for the anxious personality while the addiction with other substances would yield to Nux vomica. Needless to say counselling has to gone on simultaneously to bring down the addiction.


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