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Simple tips to managing hair

I'm sure you have been following a healthy diet, drinking tons of water, smiling a lot and not worrying too much about your hair. Because help is already here and rest is following!

One word of caution- Don't douse your hair with oil after washing it. Oil attracts dirt and dust and because of the stickiness, stays in your hair. The best is to use oil before washing your hair. And if you MUST use oil, take a little oil, rub it on your palm and just smooth it on your hair. Moreover, oil left on your head emits a rancid and stale smell which can be a great put off. Imagine leaving a bottle of oil open for a few days! Now you know the same happens on your head!

Now let's see the combination or mixed hair- that could be oily scalp and dry hair. And worse, this condition keeps changing with weather, food intake, and mood swings etc. So it takes some time and effort to manage such hair.

Care of combination hair

This is a two-pronged process. You have to deal with the dryness of the hair without stimulating the oiliness in your scalp. The dry ends of the hair have to be treated separately from the scalp.

Shampooing- Shampoo your hair every two or three days. You need to wash it often enough to remove the excess oil from your scalp, but go easy to avoid drying out the ends. Use lukewarm water as it is less drying than hot water.

Choose a gentle, pH balanced shampoo designed for combination hair. If you prefer a regular shampoo, choose one for normal hair.

This will strike a balance between oily scalp and dry ends. Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips and not with your nails. Scrubbing too hard may stimulate your scalp to produce more oil. For the hair don't scrub the ends, just wash well. Rinse completely.

Conditioning- Use conditioner every time you shampoo and on the ends of your hair only. You can even condition the ends on the days you don't shampoo if your hair needs it.

Just rinse the ends with lukewarm water and condition normally. Choose a conditioner with sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

Oil treatment-For excessively dry hair do a hot-oil treatment on the ends of your hair only.

Avoid overexposure. Keep sun and wind exposure to a minimum, as both can dry out your hair. Carry an umbrella, tie up your hair with a scarf (no tight bands as it will break your hair) or wear a bandana. Use colourful bandanas. This will protect your hair as well define your personal style! Since our hair is very visible and tends to get noticed (especially if your hair is thinning) we are extremely conscious about it and we tend to worry. Don't! Because when we get stressed out, we tend to lose more hair. So relax and take care of your diet, drink fluids and stay happy!

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