Distance best way to beat radiation from cell phones

A leading scientist has said that in order to avoid exposure to radiation from one’s phone, one must keep the instrument as far away from the body as possible.

Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, President of the Environmental Health Trust, made the suggestion after going through published studies on the effects of cell phone use and recent global initiatives advancing cell phone safety.

The dangers of cell phones have led to preventive policies in France, Israel, Finland, and India, and there are simple ways to minimize the health risks associated with exposure to the radiation energy they emit.

Davis discussed the various ways the microwave radiation given off by cell phones that are on, whether in use or not, affect the body, and offers practical recommendations for optimising safe use. In the article, she explores the health risks and concerns associated with cell phone use such as brain cancer, sperm motility and viability, long—term health implications for young people, and dementia in older people.

An award—winning scientist, Davis, whose most recent book, ‘Disconnect’, focuses on the little—known science underlying cell phones and health, recognizes the practical and societal value of cell phones but cautions that their use is not without health risks, calling upon industry and government to take the necessary steps to help people understand and minimize their risk.

“In using phones, distance is your friend, because radiation exposure falls off dramatically the farther away from the brain or body you use your phone,” Davis said. “If you read the fine print warnings that come with all smart phones today they are quite clear—phones should not be used next to the brain or body, or kept in the pocket,” she added.

The article has been featured in Alternative and Complementary Therapies, published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

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