New treatment could cut down insulin injections for diabetics

A woman prepares to give herself an injection of insulin at her home in California.  

Researchers have done path breaking research, which can help people suffering from diabetes to postpone or decrease their need for insulin injections.

Michel Pairet, head of pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim’s non-clinical research and development, said this treatment could be a cure if it is linked with early diagnosis and treatment.

Early trials have shown promising results in strengthening the beta cells in the pancreas, which secrete insulin to control high levels of glucose in the blood, the Daily Express reported.

Stem cells are used to protect and regenerate beta cells, which normally are damaged by high sugar diets in the process.

Pairet said that the next wave of innovation is to try to protect the beta cell in the pancreas and maybe to cure diabetes by inducing the regeneration of the beta cells.

He said that during diabetes, the beta cells disappear because of inflammatory mechanisms, however, not all mechanisms are known yet.

Pairet explained that you can protect the beta cells or you can identify factors for the regeneration of the cells based on progenitor cells and try to help these cells regenerate, meaning that the treatment could help stop or delay the disease and its complications.

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