Homoeopathy Day on April 10

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  

Homoeopathy as the world literally means is ‘Homo' means similar, ‘eo' means symptoms of the patient and ‘pathy' means suffering ; originally a German word and coined by none other than the father of homoeopathic medicine, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann whose birth anniversary happens to be on April 10.

Dr.Hahnemann, a Physician himself who sought to think differently had observed that if there is a substance which produces a set of symptoms in an individual when given to the same patient in a more refined, diluted and dynamised form gets rid of the disease and the similar symptoms that patient is suffering from. That is what homoeopathy is based on i.e ‘likes treats like'.

The other characteristic of homoeopathic medicines is that though they are made from different sources like vegetable kingdom, minerals, chemicals, compounds, healthy tissues, infected tissues and energies, the source is always in the form of the existing substances available in nature.

This system of medicine has stood the test of time since it was commissioned for the cure of patients in 1790, because it has been able to adapt to the demands and the intrinsic worth, credibility of the principles are close to the human metabolism and understands the wisdom of the symptoms expressed by the human body.

The human body is a wonderful organism and has an innate capacity of self preservation. Whenever it sees that there is something harmful which seems to gain its way into the system the immune system rises to the task and expels, neutralises the harmful substance.

But in certain circumstances the internal mechanism is under duress of the harmful agent and the disease sets in. This is when the system in its wisdom cries for help in the form of symptoms. These have to be corroborated by the Homoeopathic Physician in seeking the most similar drug and since internal protective force of the body responds to it and wakes up to the call it subdues the disease and its symptoms. In fact this is the same way vaccines and immune therapies prescribed the modern system of medicine work too.

Though there is no active ingredient of the drugs the vaccines or homoeopathic medicines wake up the slumbered immune system into activity through the similar symptoms. The better part of this system is that there are no side effects of the medicine.

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