Swine Flu: Live chat with Dr. Subhakar from Osmania Medical College

Swine flu is sweeping across most of the Indian States this season. Telangana too is no exception. Between January and February 20, TS has seen close to 1,200 swine flu positive cases and over 60 deaths. Despite rising temperatures, cases of H1N1 keep getting reported in Hyderabad and elsewhere in TS.

In this backdrop, senior pulmonologist from Hyderabad, Dr. K. Subhakar, who is tracking swine flu in TS and AP since 2009, is available between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. for The Hindu readers to pose any query on swine flu, precautions, vaccine etc.

Start asking your queries to the expert. The Hindu Hyderabad is organising a web chat with professor in pulmonology, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad and an authority in swine flu, Dr. K. Subhakar between 4 p.m. & 5 p.m. today. The chest specialist will field questions on the swine flu outbreak, preventions, travel precautions.

Comment From Suj

Hi doctor, I wanted to know whether to be concerned about my current health situation. Last Saturday, I was having severe headache and I vomited in the morning. I was not well the whole day, but recovered towards the evening. I didn't have any fever or any other issues after that till yesterday. Yesterday, I felt very weak while I was in office. I was feeling very cold and shivery. I thought this might be because of the AC. Anyway I left office and went to a doctor, who told me its because I am having fever inside and nothing to worry. He told me specifically it is not swine flu and gave me some medicines and advised rest for 3 days. I just want to know if it is fine or should I go and take a swine flu test? I am still having slight body pain now, though I don't have any fever.

Comment From Sanjeev

Home remedy and precautions for swine flu??

Comment From ROHAN JAIN

Who is most affected from Swine Flu?

Comment From Pradeep Jain

should I vaccinate my 8 years son against Swine flu as a precaution.

Sai Gopal: Rohan Jain. Most affected persons are always the high risk groups. Expectant mothers, elderly with co-morbid conditions like heart, kidney and liver ailments and young children, usually below four years of age.

The Hindu: What can you do to keep the deadly disease at bay?







Comment From avinash

i usually suffer from common cold. and i sometimes have a running nose. there is no cough or motions. should i anyways get tested





Chronic lung disease

Chronic Kidney Disease

Cancer patients

People on long term steroid drugs

Diabetics; HIV

Post transplant patients etc

SUBHAKAR KANDI: Vaccination is preferable for risk groups not all but he can take.

Ideally vaccination should be taken before flu season

Sai Gopal: Avinash. If your fever persists for more than three days, despite consulting the neighbourhood general physician and taking antibiotics, then you have to consult a chest physician.

SUBHAKAR KANDI: Tamiflu should not be taken as precaution.

Comment From Ronan Kelly

Given that there are an estimated 500,000 pneumonia and influenza deaths in India each year, why do you think H1N1 gets so much attention? Internationally, it has been shown to be less lethal overall than the seasonal H3N2, although more likely to cause deaths in younger people.

Comment From madie

I have been suffering from constant headache, indefinite fever and flu since a week. I took medicine and consulted the doctor it is ok for now but i can only find only a minimal flu reduction

SUBHAKAR KANDI: You should not keep the people in dark. If you cover the problem under blanket it may boomerang. The need of the hour is awareness and awareness with out creating panic

Comment From drshiv

hello! if its fatal only in a few sections of people, why are we having so many deaths being reported from TS and AP ??

Sai Gopal: SUBHKAR KANDI: Dr. Shiv Influenza vaccine will work for one year. last year vaccine will not give protection this year.

Comment From Sanjay Srivastava

There has been some cases in news that if one person in a family is diagnosed with swine flu , then rest of the members in family are given tamiflu or some other medicine , not sure if its correct

Sai Gopal: Subjhakar Kandi: Suj, the doctor has done the right thing, he has given the right advice

SUBHAKAR KANDI: vaccination is available from the the age 6 months

Comment From drshiv

I have taken intranasal vacine last year during my internship,should i take it again now??

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Mohit: 2009 was a pandemic. The current flue cases are only seasonal influenza and not a pandemic. So, approach to deal with pandemic will differ from a seaosnal flu. However, the need of the hour is to create awareness on flu.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: If you see in US, the every year they report 40,000 influenza cases. Inspite of the mandatory vaccination there. However, Govt is seriously thinking to curb the numbers

SUBHAKAR KANDI: sarcoidosis is not contraindication

Comment From Mohit

SIR If Swine flu was declared pandemic in 2009 ? why not our government taking it seriously why don't they send more doctors to endemic area and curb the desease ?

Comment From Sukumar

My Kid is 1 year and 10 months old. He suddenly got cold. We are from Jammalamadudu, Kadapa Dt. He is plaing well in the morning but the whole night he is not able to sleep with congestion.

Comment From Amit Ghaghra

I have a question for kids. Is there vaccination available for kids below 3 years? Are these vaccination specifically for Swine Flu or normal Flu?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Both vaccine and tamiflu are available with doctor's prescription only

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Amit Ghaghra: Vaccines can be started from the age of 6 months.

Comment From Kabir Kaushal

Can we eat non veg?? and what are the first symptoms??

Sai Gopal: Subhkar Kandi: Kabir Kaushal: Non-veg has nothing to do with flu. Spread only through droplet infection.

Comment From SAJAN

What all things we need to keep in mind to avoid spreading and help us to stay away from flu.

Comment From Mohit

sir what are sources to boost immune system ? and what are the chances of a person dying if he/gets infection of swine flu ?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Nitin Salunke: You should not take any tablets without prescription.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Raj any person having high grade fever, soar throat, headache, severe nasal congestion inspite of treatment beyond 48 hours should go to hospital

Comment From avinash

thanks doctor, but i dont have fever. i just have a bad cold and running nose.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Shashi, people with low immunity and other chronic diseases better avoid travelling unless mandatory

Comment From Guest

I am a patient of sarcoidosis stage 2.should I take vaccination for H1N1?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Use mask and stay away from people who have symptoms of flu.

Sai Gopal: Subhkar Kandi: Nithin your wife can take a flu shot.

Comment From Sekar

Sir If the fever starts today and just Dolo 650 tablet given. But when exactly we should go for test to know that the patient has swine flu

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Mithun Vaccine MRP is Rs. 750 but most of the hospitals are providing at 50 per cent discount, vaccine is not available with public sector. private hosptial store vaccines.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Nitin Flu shot is swine flu vaccine

Comment From Sabiya

Hello doc, To avoid panic, was it rational to keep the population of JK in dark by the Health authorities regarding the presence of H1N1 virus in valley since October 2014?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Amol, The test used to detect swine flu is not a blood test but a swab test. We can't differentiate swine flu from normal flu based on symptoms alone.

Comment From Raj

With out going to hospital or any check up center, how to identify, symptoms which we got it due to flu or Swine flu ?

Comment From shashi

Please send me the measure i have to take while travelling in Train or public transport

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Nipun Jain, please stay at home and use anti-histamine and paracetamol. If symptoms persists for more than 48 hours, go to a doctor

Comment From Sukumar

Thanks for the reply sir. sorry to ask you redundant questions but is this attached chart correct?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Roman Kelly, I agree with your views.

Comment From Nitin Salunkhe

Please send some tablets names which is helpful .

Comment From Nipun Jain

I travelled from Delhi to Mumbai 4 days back and been having severe throat infection and asthma cough with mild cold and fever. How should I decide if these symptoms are indicative of Swine Flu and if I should go for a test?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Amol, no need of testing take symptomatic treatment.

Comment From Debasish

4 year group , any swine flu vaccine available ,,, vadodara

Comment From brijendra

Sir...what is the vaccine for swine flu? how much it cost ?

Comment From Santhosh

Will it cuase any side effects if we take vaccine without having swine flue?

Comment From Dinesh

I have had fever, sever body ache, nausea, occasional chills since the morning today - No other symptoms. Do i need to get myself checked for Swine flu?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Nitin Salunkhe, Swine flu vaccine is a heat-killed vaccine prepared from the virus antigen. It is ideally recommended for high-risk groups. Vaccine should be taken ideally before flu season. Protective effect comes after three weeks and lasts for one year. It is safe and should taken under advise of a doctor.

Comment From Isha

Sir, I need to travel to Mumbai in mid March. I have my reservation in SL class(Train. Is there any chance of getting infected as I recovered from cold few days ago???

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Isha, you can travel safely.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Isha, you can travel safely.


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Vikas, there is no need of testing.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Hema, please take some treatment for cough and cold in addition to bed rest.

Comment From Amol

Can doctor identify based on symptoms or they need to rely on the blood sample results?

Comment From Amit

What is the dosage of h1n1 vaccination for adults and kids?

Comment From Nipun Jain

Thanks doctor, I have been taking anti histamine, paracetamol and anti-biotic for 3 days now and the fever is gone but the cough and cold have persisted. Do you recommend going to a doc for a test?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Amit, children above 8 years and adults should take 0.5 ml intramuscular single dose and children below 8 years, should take 0.25 ml intramuscular in two doses at the interval of one month.

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Deepak, No scientific rationale behind it.

Comment From Guest

My Son is 2.5 yrs old. He had high fever, cold and cough last week. Now he is ok, however do i still need to give him swine flue vaccine.

Comment From Naveen

I am travelling by train for more than 15hrs from hyderabad to chennai... is it useful to wear N95 mask in journey for protection? can i wear it for 15hrs continually?

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Ravi, the virus will not survive above 40 C. So, the cases could come down.

Comment From Isha

Also where can we get the vaccine. Is it available in every private hospital. I live in roorkee. Should I visit delhi for the same?


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Isha, only during pandemic public sector provides free vaccine. Since, now it is seasonal flu vaccines are available in pvt. hospitals

Comment From hema

i am suffering from fever since from 3 days, i consulted doctor he told take bed rest but still i have doubt on this could you suggest me what where the symptoms i am having full cough and cold..


Comment From vikash

i have soar throat and dry cough however dont have anything like body ache or fever or stuffy nose....though i had fever three days back took med and now ok. is there any chance of being affected. should i get the test done

. Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Amul, masks are not for general public. Masks should be used for persons who hav flu symptoms. a Three layered surgical mask costing around rs 10 is ideal.


Comment From Pramod

Sir, Doctor prescribed me Tamiflu without snytest as I am an asthmatic patient. Shall I take them?


Comment From Isha

Sir will it available in roorkee or do I need to visit delhi for that??


Comment From Ravi

Now that summer is almost here and temperatures are raising, can we safely rule out a fresh outbreak of Swineflu?


Comment From mrutyunjaya

I am facing muscle pain with feeling little fever.but when I am mesuring by thremometer it is 99.2F.but other time 98.2 ,98.4,97.5. I have taken sinarest from 2 days


Comment From Nitin Salunkhe

sir again, my self Nitin Salunkhe, my wife is pregnant , 5th month is going on .we stay in mumbai, Can we travel by Train (2nd Class AC ), i want to send her to her parents at Karnataka ( Davangere ). there is no symptoms about cold ,fever, cough , body pain, any other, ...she is very fine,,, she daily having , fruits and very healthy food, ...apart from this , what can i do for her ? i am very tense , Please help.


Comment From Amol

How much protection mask offers? Any specific type of mask ar eavailable or recommended?


Comment From Rohit

Sir is it true that a pregnant woman has more chances of getting infected because most cases are being noticed in Bundi(Raj) of pregnant women

Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Pramod, if u have flu symptoms for over 48 hours you can take Tamiflu. for asthma alone, Tamiflu is not needed..


Comment From pragya

I am suffering from pain in left side in throat (tonsil) for 6 days. No fever or body pain but yes weakness is there. Shoiuld I go for the test. I am taking azithromycin 500 already but till now no improvement.


Comment From Murtuza

I want to ask the basic question. How does one get swine flue? I joined the live chat just now.


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Rohit, In pregnancy chances of pregnancy is six times more than in normal people and the complications are more.


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Pragya, no need for a swine flu test.


Comment From Deepak

Sir in case an individual is affected from the virus what is the minimum time he needs to be completely get rid of the virus


Comment From deepak

is it true that sniffing camphor along with elichi prevent swine flu?


Comment From dr.thirumal

sir, im a neurosurgeon nims and my wife an anesthetistd my kids are 3 and 10 months old . kindly advise us regarding vaccination. thank u


Comment From Naveen

Sir is there any tablet that can boost immune system ?


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Deepak, good question. you will become non-infective within a week. Children shed the virus between 10 and 15 days.


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Naveen, in allopathy there are no tablets to boost immunity.


Comment From mrutyunjaya

please answer I am facing muscle pain with feeling little fever.but when I am mesuring by thremometer it is 99.2F.but other time 98.2 ,98.4,97.5. I have taken sinarest from 2 days.somtimes my head is spinning. I am taking ginger tea,sometimes feeling pinning in my body.


Comment From saurabh sharma

how would i come to know that i am already IMMNOCOMPROMISED; hence, i should be more careful towards these viral infections?


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Mrityunjaya, this is nothing to do with swine flu. plz consult a general physician.


Comment From Mahesh

Hi is it safe for pregnant woman to take swine flu vaccine ?


Comment From Amit

What is the dosage of h1n1 vaccination for adults and kids.


Comment From Nitin Salunkhe

sir again, my self Nitin Salunkhe, my wife is pregnant , 5th month is going on .we stay in mumbai, Can we travel by Train (2nd Class AC ), i want to send her to her parents at Karnataka ( Davangere ). there is no symptoms about cold ,fever, cough , body pain, any other, ...she is very fine,,, she daily having , fruits and very healthy food, ...apart from this , what can i do for her ? i am very tense , Please help.


Comment From S Murthy

Does the govt or any research labs collect data on the mutation rate etc of swine flu in India? Or is it the same version as the pandemic globally?


Comment From Amol

My wife is having fever without chills and body ache. Should we get tested for wine flu?


Comment From Amol

can doctor differentiate between normal flu and swine flu, without blood test based on symptoms?


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Mahesh, in India, there are no trials conducted on pregnant women but we give vaccination to them from second trimester.


Sai Gopal: Subhakar Kandi: Murthy, in India 16 states are conducting the studies on the mutation of the virus. fortunately, there is no major mutation.


Comment From Deepak

Sir , What are the different types of preventive masks available and which one of them should be used and what are the basic set of precautions which should be kept in mind while using those masks


Comment From Vinod

Sir, I had flu like symptoms for nealry a week, doctors have given Fluvir without any tests. What if it's normal flu? and can I develop resistance?

Sai Gopal: Thanks for the overwhelming response for the web-chat with Dr. Subhakar on Swine flu, its treatment and prevention. Thank you Dr. Subhakar for your valuable time and patiently for answering the quesries for the last one hour. Dr. Subhakar can be contacted on

Live Blog Live Chat on Swine Flu

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