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The mung bean is also known as green gram or golden gram. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, small, ovoid in shape, and green in colour. The Mung bean is one of the most wholesome among pulses in India. It is free from the heaviness and tendency to flatulence, which is associated with other pulses. Mung beans are commonly used in Chinese cuisine, as well as in the cuisines of Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Whole mung beans are generally prepared from dried beans by boiling until they are soft. Cooked mung bean helps digestion. Its regular use during childhood, pregnancy and lactation helps one get adequate nutrition.

The mung bean is a rich source of low-fat protein. One cup of mature, boiled beans contains 14 gm of protein. Mung beans contain virtually no trans or saturated fats. One cup of cooked mung beans has a whopping 15 gm of fibre. It contains both insoluble and water-soluble fibre, which together yield varied benefits. Water-soluble fibre found in mung beans reduces LDL cholesterol.

Because of the high amount of fibre, mung beans are considered low-glycaemic. They digest slowly and gradually release glucose into the bloodstream, stabilising blood sugar. Consumption of mung beans lowers the risk of developing diabetes.

Now, for a recipe.

7 Grain Pesarattu


* Mung beans: 600gm

* Idly rice: 30gm

* Whole cumin seeds: 25gm

* Green chillies: 2

* Onion: 2

* Ginger: 20gm

* Salt to taste

For the Grain Mix

Mix together the following ingredients:

* Sunflower Seeds: 10gm

* Flax Seeds: 10gm

* Quinoa: 10gm

* Soya: 10gm

* Oat grits: 10gm

* Malted rye meal: 10gm

* Maize: 10gm

Method: Soak the dal and rice for 5-6 hours with sufficient quantities of water.

Finely chop the onion. Grind the dal and rice along with the ginger, green chillies and cumin. It should be ground fine. Incorporate this water into the batter to bring it to a slightly thick consistency. Once the batter has been prepared, add the grain mix, chopped onions and salt, mix thoroughly. Heat a tawa (Hot plate) and spread out the batter into moderately thick circle. Cook on both sides and serve hot.

(Best served with ginger chutney.)

Executive Sous Chef

Taj Coromandel

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