4 reasons to lose fat

It’s true that fat is not useless. But it’s also true that most of us carry around way more of it than we actually need. In fact, the average Indian has at least a couple of kilos of excess fat, if not more. But why actually lose this fat? What good comes from fat loss?

1. Excess fat is not functional mass.

There is functional mass and then there is wasted mass. Your body contains muscles, bones, water, organs, plasma, ligaments, tendons and fat. Most things in the human body are functional i.e. they serve some purpose. Fat also has a purpose. But excess fat has absolutely no purpose and hence is wasted mass. It does not help you do anything any better. It is no different than wearing heavy clothes or a fat suit. Just as you don’t want to wear clothes which are heavier than they need to be, you don’t want to carry around more fat than required. A body-fat percentage of 10-20 for men and 15 to 25 for women is a good zone to be in. If you’re below the lower number, make sure you have a reason to be there. If you’re above the bigger number, work towards getting into that recommended zone.

4 reasons to lose fat

2. Losing fat makes moving enjoyable.

Excess fat makes everything harder than it should be: walking, running, climbing stairs, standing up from a seated or lying down position, bending, lunging and everything else that you do that is movement. When you remove the excess fat from your frame, you are left with functional mass making up most of your body. Now, this functional mass needs to only move a smaller load. And that’s going to make all movement easier. This may not seem like much but when you remove a few kilos from everything you do, moving and even living is just a lot more enjoyable.

4 reasons to lose fat

3. Fat loss results in better health.

The process of fat accumulation damages many other systems along the way. And, conversely, the process of losing fat involves improving the functions of various systems in our body. Losing fat involves eating better, moving consistently and keeping stress in check and sleeping well. All four have positive effects on the body: increased energy levels, better strength, speed, endurance and mobility, optimal sleep, better digestion, improved respiratory and cognitive abilities and a much better lipid profile are a few.

4 reasons to lose fat

4. Losing fat results in definition.

Fat, unlike muscle, is mass that is not under your control. Muscles can be relaxed or tightened as you see fit and it holds up well against gravity. Fat, on the other hand, sags and gets pushed around. When you have just the right amount of fat, you look toned and your true body shape—whatever that may be—is revealed.

4 reasons to lose fat

The writer is a fitness and nutrition expert.

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