About 40 years ago, a few stars were spotted in the Milky Way that were lithium-rich.

A forty-year-old puzzle about the stars is solved

Shubashree Desikan
Shaky base: A systematic review of 40 studies of antibody testing for novel coronavirus has found major weaknesses in the evidence base for serological tests.

Meta-analysis does not support continued use of point-of-care serological tests for COVID-19

R. Prasad
Image for representational purpose only.

The Hindu Explains | What are scientists saying about a new virus strain in China?

Ramya Kannan
File photo.

Apple is not having clean break with Intel, confirms support to Thunderbolt 4

Abhishek Chatterjee
  • 1hr
A screenshot of the Team's new Together Mode. Picture by special arrangement.

Microsoft Teams’ new feature will make virtual meetings seem real

Ishan Patra
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Zoom plans to make significant investment, ramp up hiring in India: Official

Saya, the black panther with his kill

The saga of Saya, Kabini’s lone black panther

Aishwarya Upadhye
Golden Birdwing - female with the scale and male in nature.

Himalayan butterfly is India’s largest after 88 years

Rahul Karmakar
Ashy Prinia

How birds' mating calls have become more audible thanks to lower noise pollution

K Jeshi

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