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Heading the villa way

Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam

Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam

An individual’s decisions are invariably influenced by their desires. While a few prefer living in high-rise condos surrounded by people, others prefer solitary times by dwelling in villas or independent home setups. While most apartments are constructed in a substantially similar model, an independent villa allows the homebuyer to customise their property according to their desire.

The entire stretch, from the colour of the villa to the art pieces that will go in, will be an ideal reflection of the owner’s personality and style. With the skyrocketing land value and adequate living becoming more expensive day by day, homebuyers investing in villas is more than ever the right approach for tangible assets and comfort living. Here are some of the advantages of living in villas.

Privacy and luxury

A villa becomes a great option if one values solitude in the place they reside, as it enables unparalleled security and privacy for its habitants with its prime surveillance and maintenance. However, an individual can also enjoy a private lifestyle while still reaping the benefits of communal living, owing to a range of amenities and features provided by a gated villa community. That’s not all, in a hectic city atmosphere and an ever-grinding lifestyle, the thought of relaxation, restoration, and regeneration with custom-made luxurious stretch seems enticing. This is when the captivating landscapes of villas come into play, where the communities are spread out across a large region and have peaceful scenery, natural recreational areas, providing the habitant with a sense of tranquility. Hence, gated villa communities not only provide the habitant a luxury lifestyle with superlative privacy, but also improve their overall well-being.

Ample space

With conventional home buying transformed, villas have now become ideal option for homebuyers owing to their prices being equal to that of apartments, thereby making it a perfect alternative for investors and homebuyers who are looking for opulence at affordable prices.

While a property is something that lasts a lifetime, the demands may alter right from the day users buy it. Owning a villa allows the homebuyer to remodel or modify the space to satisfy their requirements and desires. Therefore, villas provide ample flexibility to upgrade or modify the property according to the home buyers’ demands. That’s not all; investing in villas also enables the home buyer to make appropriate changes to the area as and when required to create an ideal space to reside.

Tangible investment

Independent villas are considered as a good investment option, as they generate tangible returns over a period of time.

One of the biggest perks of investing in villas is that the value of the property will vary depending on the location and market value, thereby bolstering its asset value for the homebuyers and creating an excellent source of financial security. Therefore, investing in villas provides a sense of safety and offers an environment friendly, pollution-free, and serene community as these villas developed today are designed with magnificent greenery that adds to the elegance and grandeur of a property.

For social distance

Independent houses or villas, a popular choice among first-home purchasers, provide the necessary discretion to design homes to one’s preferences, as well as greater multi-purpose usable rooms. The work-from-home trend has resulted in widely diverging needs. Homebuyers are now prepared to relocate a bit further out from the city centre to acquire residences that meet their requirements. A villa property in the outskirts with good connectivity guarantees a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, as well as the necessary space to offer homes with private gardens. Villa living is undoubtedly the new way to go, as it meets a slew of consumer expectations while also providing several benefits.

A huge independent home with maximum privacy and security, as well as the availability of open areas and basic utilities nearby, is a dream home that one aspires.

The writer is Vice-President, Marketing, Casagrand.

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