Narayan Lakshman

Narayan Lakshman is a Senior Associate Editor at The Hindu, As a member of the senior editorial management of the newspaper, he manages its opinion pages, writes editorial and opinion articles, and has curated special editorial projects including article series on India’s water and healthcare crises and investigative features. He has written over 2,000 articles to date. He regularly appears on news television channels as an expert political commentator. From February 2010, Dr. Lakshman served for six years as The Hindu’s U.S. correspondent based in Washington DC and earlier worked in the Tamil Nadu bureau at The Hindu’s Chennai headquarters. His doctoral research at the Development Studies Institute at the London School of Economics, on the political economy of poverty alleviation in India, was synthesised into a book titled Patrons of the Poor: Caste Politics and Policymaking in India (2011, OUP India). He also served as a consultant at the Asian Development Bank, where he authored a Working Paper on “The Political Economy of Good Governance for Poverty Alleviation Policies”. He has been a research analyst at a London-based hedge fund.