Travelogue meets memoir in this descent down the Brahmaputra | The Hindu On Books Podcast

The Braided River is journalist-turned-author and Shillong native Samrat Choudhur's ode to his immediate neighbourhood. While the book pitches itself as travel, memoir and history rolled into one, it is in the latter two that it sparkles most.

The book is yet another in a long line of academic scholarship and non-fiction that make a fervent plea against damming up the Northeast, a push triggered primarily by a hydropower race with China and as yet unfounded fears about it diverting Brahmaputra water away from the source channels. Choudhury highlights the short shrift given to green compliances, often in the face of protests by locals, in order to fast-track projects that would cut up the Siang, Lohit and Dibang.

In this podcast, the author speaks to us about his experience writing the book.

Host: Abdus Salam

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