The Hindu Podcast | Lit for Life 2019 — Manisha Koirala opens up about her ‘Second Act’

Actor Manisha Koirala, a household name for anyone who grew up watching Indian cinema in the ’90s, opened up about her battle with cancer and spoke on tools and techniques for self-healing, at The Hindu Lit for Life 2019 on January 12. To listen in on the entire conversation she had with fitness and health consultant Dr. Sheela Nambiar, click play on the podcast above.

Quotable quotes...

“I wanted to thrive, reach the maximum potential of this life. As long as I live, I wanted to thrive.”

“Loving and honouring oneself, especially speaking as a woman, prioritising myself before somebody else, is something I have learned to do.”

“I realised the value of being present. Giving it your time and attention, letting someone know that you’re there for them.”

“I want to tell people to use this life to be completely fulfilled.”

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