Coronavirus — In conversation with top epidemiologist Jayaprakash Muliyil | The Hindu In Focus Podcast

One of India’s most authoritative voices in the field of epidemiology joins us today to discuss the 21-day lockdown and whether India already has entered the community transmission phase with COVID-19 and the steps that we are to take going forward if we are to achieve a ‘herd immunity’ to the disease that can protect the young and the elderly.

Guest: Dr. Jayaprakash Muliyil, Epidemiologist, former Principal, Christian Medical College, Vellore

Printable version | May 7, 2021 9:49:03 AM | https://www.thehindu.com/podcast/coronavirus-update-the-good-and-the-inadequate-in-the-governments-economic-package-the-hindu-in-focus-podcast/article31180635.ece

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