Can India decouple itself from Chinese manufacturing? | The Hindu Parley Podcast

It faces challenges linked to infrastructure and skill-sets; and its policymaking is opaque.

The border clashes with China and the COVID-19 pandemic have reignited questions about India’s dependence on Chinese manufacturing. India’s imports from China in 2019-2020 reached $65 billion, out of $81 billion two-way trade. Is the pandemic, as Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said last month, a “blessing in disguise” for Indian manufacturing? Will companies be able to move deeply integrated supply chains out of China?


Host: Ananth Krishnan


Amitendu Palit, Professor at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore.

Biswajit Dhar, Professor at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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