Announcing The Hindu Photojournalism Awards in association with the CPB Foundation. Photographers from India and others who are resident Indians can submit published works.

These awards are meant to recognise the contribution and efforts of the people behind the images that often define how news is consumed today. While several awards exist for journalism, none exist exclusively for photojournalists at a national level in India.



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Submissions & Jury

Award submissions are managed entirely by the CPB Foundation, an independent non-profit trust committed to promoting photography, and the organising body of the Chennai Photo Biennale. The submission engine is made possible by the generous support of KitKarma. The Hindu will not have access to the submitted images during either the submission or the judging process.

An independent jury consisting of senior photographers and academics will judge the images through a two-step judging process.

The first shortlist will be announced in January 2019. The award ceremony will be held in February 2019 in Chennai as part of CPB 2019.

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Categories Single award / 1st Prize
Photo of the Year Rs. 1,50,000
Photo Essays Rs. 1,50,000
News Rs. 1,00,000
Sports Rs. 1,00,000
People/Portraits Rs. 1,00,000

Rules & Regulations

Eligibility Criteria

* The Hindu Photojournalism Award is open to Indian citizens or those who have been foreign residents of India for a minimum of 5 years preceding the application.

* The Photo/Photo Essay must have been published in an established Indian or International online / print publication in the stipulated period.

* The veracity of the submitted photo(s) must be established by providing a clipping of the published piece or an online link to the same where the date and name of the publication are visible. The applicant must be the author of the material submitted in his/her name.

*The photograph(s) must have been:

  • Published between 1st January 2017 and 30th November 2018.

  • Captured no earlier than 1st January 2013.

* The photographer or the agent or representative entering on their behalf, must be the copyright holder(s) or have been authorized by the copyright holder(s) to submit the material.

*Members of The Hindu board and trustees of the CPB Foundation and their immediate family cannot participate in this award.

*Photo/Photo Essay must not have been awarded in any other competition.

* Only published photos (online or print) are eligible. Self-published platforms such as personal blogs and social media do not qualify.

* Age restrictions: Participants must be 18 years or over at the time of application for the award.

Submission Requirements

* The photographer must provide a clipping of the published photo/photo essay or provide an online link indicating clearly the date of publishing and the name of the publication.

* A picture can only be submitted in one category: either as a single picture entry, or as a part of a photo essay. Pictures submitted more than once will be disqualified from the contest. Submitted Photo Essays are eligible only for The Photo Essay of the Year Award and will not qualify for single-picture category prizes.

* Photographs that disclose the author's name in a manner that is obvious will be disqualified. Files provided must not show the name of the photographer, agency, or publication, or any other information that gives away the identity of the photographer. Photographers will be assigned anonymized application numbers through which they will get assessed. Juries do not get access to names and owner information will be erased for the judging process.

* All pictures must have accurate captions, written in English or submitted with English translations, and contain all the information that will accurately describe the incident, the date and time as well as the location of the photograph. If the photographer has in some way influenced the elements/subject(s) within a composition, this fact must be clearly disclosed. (For eg: the survivor points to the direction from where the gunmen descended.) If an attempt to influence the situation/image in any unethical way is observed or is brought to the award organiser's notice, subsequent to the award ceremony, the image will be disqualified and a public announcement will be made rescinding the award.

* Only entries uploaded and submitted via the entry link on the website will be accepted.

* A deadline will be announced and communicated on a contest page, which will include contest rules, period of submission, last date of submission.