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The plant

Got so lonely in the pandemic, got myself a plant. 23 likes.

So happy watching my plant grow. Six hours later, sunset view of my plant. 55 likes.

Good morning, sunshine. Every day is beautiful — from my plant. 99 likes.

Very interesting plant. It looks like an imported species.

Agree! Foreign-looking. A little too white. Where exactly did you get it from, BTW?

It’s left-leaning. Ha ha. Everyone knows where it’s brought from.

That’s because of your viewpoint. From where I stand, the plant is extreme right.

It’s neither! It’s just a plant. See, my plant’s growing a tiny new leaf. 11 likes.

Growing? This is deliberately proliferating outside influences. What exactly is your agenda?

True! How come you never show your other plants? How many such do you have?

Oh shut up! Let him show off his plant. Next you’ll say his flower pot is suspicious!

Now you want to shut us up. Whose side are you on?

The sunny side? Please guys, it’s just a plant. 0 likes.

How innocent the plant looked! I’m sharing the warning on all other groups.

Stop digging up dirt! I say we should all buy plastic flowers instead.

My plant isn’t flowering. 33 likes.

It’s a curse! These idiots have cursed your plant.

What if it pollutes our air and infects our own plants? Destroy it!

Let’s start a campaign against such horrific behaviour. Sign here.

What behaviour? Against whom? Oh, doesn’t matter. Signed.

Please help! Anyone with gardening expertise here? My plant seems to be dying. 88 likes.

Take it inside at once. Don’t show off on your veranda. Hide it inside.

His plant’s disappeared! Where do you think it’s gone? Should we all go, bang on his door and demand to know?

Yes, he owes us an apology.

For what, guys?

It’s a conspiracy! And you all know who’s funding it. If not, send me your numbers and I will DM you the real truth.

I’m sorry, everyone. I’m closing down this account. My plant died.


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