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The unexpected bundle of happiness

She wagged her tail and barked at me. Can’t even call that a bark. Just a squeaky little “woof” coming from a small puppy. She was as white as snow. I still remember the day I got her. My dad and I brought her home. She put her tongue out and enjoyed the gushing air hitting her face while on the scooter.

She came home and instantly won over the hearts of all the five people at home. She was the bundle of happiness for us. With her, being happy was so easy. We called her Mickey.

The whole night, she would work on biting the leash. By the time when dawn breaks, she would have successfully completed the task and run straight to the terrace.

No matter where she was, she would come running flaunting her white tail, if her name is called. When it comes to eating, she was so picky. She would pick all the bones from the pile of rice and leave the rice untouched.

She wouldn’t even let me do push-ups. She would think I am making a small home for her with my body and come lie down underneath me.

Whenever I go outside on my scooter, she would run and sit on the foot well. She wouldn’t get down unless I give her a small trip around the house.

And cats! Cats were her enemy. She did not like us giving food to cats. She would bark till the cat went out of sight. So the cats stopped coming to our house.

Her favourite sport was “tearing the newspaper”. Only because of her, I met my newspaper boy for the first time so that I could ask him to keep the newspaper somewhere out of her reach.

Out of the blue, she got sick. She would lie down, head resting on my leg on the scooter and looking at the passing vehicles en route to hospital.

And very unexpectedly, she left us leaving an irreplaceable void. I didn’t know she was so precious to me until she was gone.

She taught me what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. Now that she is gone, cats will start coming. But she won’t be there to bark. She won’t be there to make me happy again when I’m stressed.

She came unexpectedly and left without a warning presenting a whole lot of memory which I will cherish for a lifetime.

“Why do we part ways? We part ways so that we can meet again.”

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