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Savour it all along the way

The rain was pouring and the windows were being rattled by the fury of the thunder. As I sat enjoying a cup of hot ‘chai’ on a weekday afternoon, the magnificent rain washed away my guilt of being on casual leave from work. Like most of us who are hanging in there, a laudable civil engineering degree and a master’s from a top university got me into a big company that amuses me with a huge paycheck and a small annual leave package.

Amidst the feverish million-dollar projects and rushed submissions at a big-shot company based in Singapore, the cool breeze on a guilt-ridden break took me to a fairyland of memories: the treasure chest of my school and university times. The grades I scored, the examinations I took, or the assignments that gifted me sleepless nights were far from being even a faint memory. I smiled mischievously at how much fun I had in cooking up a combined study session, how much laughter we shared while a bunch of us peeked to copy from a single project. Yet, when I closed my eyes to think of a few good moments, I remembered these but there was not even the vaguest idea of what the names of the subjects these were all about!

As I watched cars speed along the wet roads spraying water all around, I wondered how difficult it had become to gather a few friends to spend a little quality time. I wondered how time buzzes away before our eyes until we realise the little things we missed. While an enthusiastic awakening from a deep slumber and a cheerful ‘good morning’ are replaced by a grumpy mood and fiddling with the phone for e-mails, how fabulous it would be if we remember to smile and count our blessings, the first thing we wake up to a fresh start in the morning.

We pause and sigh that our lives are quite stressed and busy, but again we sigh and tell ourselves it is not out of choice that we are busy and so short of time. If our life is not our choice, then whose choice is it? The competitive generation of ours has become so immersed in achievements and singular career ambitions that engulf us. Trapped in the rat-race and the performance indices, we let pass the tiny joys that will creep into our treasure chest of golden memories.

Along the dreary path, the affirmatives have been substituted by more and more of , “No!! Not today, I just got home from work!”

My mind hissed. “Catch Your Train! It’s leaving the station!”

Waking up in the morning with a pleasant thought of a tête-à-tête with a loved one, taking a walk to drink in the sunshine, reading a striking book that makes your day, impulsive long vacations, cooking a meal to feast, or a sudden shopping plan for the evening with your friend. Cute little things to fill the day!

Let’s walk the extra mile, and put in an extra thought to fill our lives with graceful moments that will really matter in the end.

Chase your dreams, fulfil your financial commitments, be passionate about your career, but do not let them chase you. Let them be a part of your life, but not your life itself.

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.”

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