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Revamping education

The present education system does not engage children in sports, art activities and religious discourses.

The present education system does not engage children in sports, art activities and religious discourses. | Photo Credit: Getty Images

The increasing suicidal tendency among school, college and university students is a major concern in our country. The violence that follows the death of a student results in destruction of public property and more bloodshed. The recent incidents at Kallakurichi in Tamil Nadu are an example.

The present schooling system undoubtedly suffers from many faults or deficiencies. Our education system eschews moral, spiritual and philosophical lessons in the curriculum, which has become the crucible of the so-called academic “education”.

Just obtaining a certificate or degree cannot be considered education. Our sanathana dharma emphasised good character and conduct as the fundamental quality a human should imbibe or absorb from any studies.

Rabindranath Tagore said, “Education without character is a body without head.” Where we have erred after Independence is in letting the system of education go awry, driving young minds to wander in pursuit of money-making by hook or crook.

To revamp the worsening situation, the modern system should reintroduce spiritual upbringing, diverting young minds to character moulding first and then to whatever profession or career they want to choose. The present system does not engage the children in sports, art activities, religious discourses, listening to great personalities and interacting with noble people.

Social welfare

The institutions should realise the importance of harnessing the intelligence of the children toward a clean thinking for the welfare of society and not harping or insisting on getting high marks only. The mark-oriented education should be stopped forthwith.

The commercial system-oriented educational institutions cram information into the tender minds of students and infuse frustration, tension and stress. All that lead to suicidal thoughts and addictions to so many wrong things we ourselves made available to such weak minds. The commercialism and the atrocious entertainment industry contribute to the wrongdoings of the present generation of children and adults alike.

Therefore, to save the next generation at least, the authorities (government and private institutions) should rewrite the syllabus to include model moral education from the nursery classes, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, economic status and so on.

This may not be a herculean task to implement. If there is a mind, there’s a way to correct ourselves.

Suffice it to say, it is our earnest appeal to all schools, colleges, universities and so-called educational institutions to include in their curriculum (make it mandatory) strict discipline in all aspects of life, study and behaviour. They should include art in education, values of moral studies and create opportunities to interact with great people in different walks of life.

They should engage the young minds in various cultural, artistic activities, games and sports.

(The writer is a Bharatanatyam exponent and educational activist)

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