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Pandemic life in apartments

With the pandemic threatening lives, it is a huge challenge for each of us to protect ourselves. One of the toughest challenges is living in apartments, where a large number of families live and physical distancing is difficult despite the best efforts.

I live in an apartment building of five floors housing 42 families. Though precautions such as vaccination, sanitisation and lockdown are taken, we always live in the grip of fear, since one testing positive would send alarm bells ringing. The worst fears came true when an elderly couple tested positive. This is when good neighbours, excellent human beings emerge from within us.

A kind-hearted middle-aged man taught us all the values of being good human beings. He took out his car, took the elderly couple holding their hands, made them comfortably sit in the vehicle, drove them to the hospital, got them admitted, and ensured treatment on time. His services did not end there, as he ensured hot nutritious food for them and took great care of them.

While people look at each other these days with seeds of suspicion, here is a great example of a person who has boldly handled crisis.

He called the authorities and ensured sanitisation of the building. Even during the first wave, a similar incident took place, when a couple was advised home quarantine, and this neighbour gave the couple all the assurances and ensured every need and necessity at their doorstep.

He posts a message daily that he is available 24/7 for any emergency situation.

Such people are god-sent messengers, strongly believing in service before self. He is human too, not a superman, but has shown through great deeds, the necessity of helping others. Such acts will be remembered for a lifetime.

The helping hand extended during critical stages in life are never forgotten. His good deeds have sent a strong message to all others and paved the way for others to help each other in the times of crisis and has completely erased the seeds of doubt that living in apartments is dangerous.

The confidence instilled by one person has brightened one and all in the apartments, with all facing serious issues with much inspired confidence. I feel extremely happy to be a part of the large family, which believes in core values, team spirit, great bonds. The need for togetherness is not just restricted to the pandemic times, but always. Pandemic has been a great teacher, and the values, human relationships, regard and respect, which was fast diminishing, have surfaced with a big bang.

Help emerging from any corner, at times unexpected, prove that human values are intact and are never a thing of the past.

Human relationships, the bonds, specially with neighbours, good friends are extremely important and are of a vital necessity. The best way to address a problem is through it and not besides it. Good acts are remembered, for these are no ordinary times, the real test is practising over preaching and few succeed in it.

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